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Ashley and Oenomaus at Meadowood DressageAshley and Oenomaus at Meadowood Dressage

Congratulations to Ashley Denner, winner of the 2020 Betty Thorpe Award for outstanding Dressage volunteer!

Ashley Denner will be 16 years old this November and can't wait to get her driver's license so she can drive herself to the barn. She is a sophomore in advanced placement classes and will have achieved her Associate's Degree by the time she graduates high school. Ashley has a strong work ethic and desire to achieve excellence in all endeavors......including scribing. She also has an unusual fondness for really big, fast, and powerful horses.

Ashley became a working student for Suzy Floyd when Suzy acquired Oenomaus Toronado (aka Blackie), an 18 hand Percheron cross as a companion to her 18 hand Hanoverian. Ashley does not currently own a horse but apparently "belongs" to that horse. She is known as "Blackie's Pet Girl". She also leases a big, fast powerful alpha mare named Allie, bred by Lisa Reid and owned by Carolyn Steppe.

Ashley is with dressage judge and mentor, Suzy FloydAshley with dressage judge and mentor, Suzy Floyd

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