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EHV-1 Information - Please Read!

Barring a new EHV-1 outbreak notice from MDA, we will not be requiring health certificates for the April 17-18 event. Please stay apprised of the situation and be prepared to do a self-certificate or vet certificate if there is a new outbreak. We encourage you to keep a record of your horse's temperature and other vital signs during the week before the event, and do not bring any horse that shows signs of illness.

Starter HT/CT

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Compete Easy


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These videos will show you how to enter, change, scratch etc. (More to be uploaded as complete)

Twilight Eventing

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All courses for the first starter of the year will be open and inviting using mainly the more natural fences and logs.

The lower levels will stay in the open fields with the upper levels having a short loop through the woods staying on the flatter terrain areas. All levels will have options at water, banks and ditch complexes. No levels will be timed. Courses are designed for first outings of the season with slightly shorter overall distances and fewer fences than late season courses. Great way to dust off the cobwebs and get out on cross-country again!

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