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Twilight Eventing

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NEW FORMAT for 2020!!

SATURDAY:  Prelim CT, Modified, Training, Novice, Beginner Novice (in that order)

SUNDAY:  Beginner Novice, Elementary, Intro (in that order)

Championship: For the Starter Series, there will be a Championship on the final Starter weekend. There will be a Championship division and regular divisions for each level. In order to qualify for a Championship division, the same horse/rider combination must place 1st - 6th in at least 2 of the Starters, at the same level. The level the rider qualifies at will be their Championship level. Combined Tests do not count towards qualifying placings.


Team Competition: Form your own teams of 3 or 4 horse and rider combinations to compete for prizes and medals to be awarded following the final Starter competition. Points from the three highest scoring team members will be added together to determine the total number of points at each event. Teams can be made up of horse and rider combinations from various levels. Points awarded for top 8 placings as follows:

1st place = 10 points; 2nd place = 8 points; 3rd place = 6 points; 4th place = 5 points; 5th place = 4 points; 6th place = 3 points; 7th place = 2 points; 8th place = 1 point

Starter Trials: The Starter Horse Trials consists of all three phases (dressage, show jumping, cross country) in an unrecognized/starter format. The trials have opening and closing Dates, just like the USEF/USEA Recognized Horse Trials. The table below lists the necessary dates for the Starter Horse Trials. Please complete and mail the attached form or enter electronically via (9:00 pm closing time).

Date: Closing Date On-line Entry Print Entry
March 21-22 March 6 event entries Mail In Entry
April 11-12 March 27 event entries Mail In Entry
May 23-24 May 8 event entries Mail In Entry
September 12-13 August 28 event entries Mail In Entry
October 17-18 October 2 event entries Mail In Entry
October 31-November 1 October 16 event entries Mail In Entry

* Final Starter (10/31-11/1) Competition will run championship divisions along with regular divisions for each level. Championship division schedule will be announced closer to the event.

Horse Trials & Combined Tests Saturday: Prelim (3’7” CT Only) Modified (3’5”), Training (3’3”), N (2’11”), BN (2’7”)
Horse Trials & Combined Tests Sunday: BN (2’7”), Elem (2’ – 2’3”), Intro (18” – 2’), Lead line (xrails/logs)**

** Lead Line Division only held on April and September starters.


Jumping Efforts

Dressage Test

Leadline - No green horses!

SJ - 10 - 12 crossrails, XC - step-over logs on a small grass course. Tri-State Dressage Society 2017 Leadline Test A (for our events, horse is ALLOWED OFF LEAD, despite the directives)


18" - 2'

USDF 2019 Intro TEST A
Small arena (20m x 40m) (Walk, Trot)


2' - 2'3"

USDF 2019 Intro Test C
Small arena (20m x 40m) (Walk, Trot, and Canter)

Beg. Novice


USEF 2018 BN Test A
Small arena (20m x 40m)



USEF 2018 Novice Test A
Small arena (20m x 40m)



USEF 2018 Training Test A
Small arena (20m x 40m)



USEF 2018 Modified TEST A
Small arena (20m x 40m)

Preliminary  3'7" USEF 2018 Preliminary Test A
Small arena (20m x 40m) – Combined Test Only


Horse Trial: $150 (early bird $125); CT $75; Dressage Test $50; Cross Country Round $65; Stadium Round $40 Stabling: $50/night. Initial bag of shavings included. Additional $10/bag. Muck deposit of $25 per stall (SEPARATE CHECK) shredded if stall is stripped and swept clean. Please check out at secretary’s stand.

Included with Stabling: Come early the day before the event and hack along the river, or school the schooling course for no additional fee when stabling. Applies only to horses entered in the event.

Shavings: $10/bag

Refunds: Scratches received prior to the closing date will be refunded, less $25 office fee. No refunds after the closing date. If for any reason the show is cancelled – no refund.

Change Fee: $25/entry

Non-Compete Horse Fee: $50

Returned Check Fee: $50

Payment: Entries must be accompanied by payment to be processed. Entries received without payment will not be processed.

All Horse Trials fees must be paid in full by closing date to receive Early Bird rate. Unpaid CTs, dressage, stadium and cross-country rounds subject to $25 Missing Items Fee if not paid by the Monday before the show. Entries with missing paperwork subject to $25 Missing Items fee if not complete by the Monday before the show.

All dates are TWO-DAY shows. Only Beginner Novice runs both days. Be sure you know which day you ride.

Saturday –  P CT, M, T, N, BN.   Sunday – BN, Elm, Intro, LL. (Leadline runs only in April and September.)

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