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The Maryland Horse Trials + Area 2 Champs (October 2021) - Entries

October 1-3, 2021

Why is my unpaid entry not listed?   We are not required to accept unpaid entries. Event Entries will not forward unpaid entries to our system. They must be paid on the platform used to create the entry to be accepted for review.

Why is my entry still marked as Pending?   As per the omnibus and USEF rules, we are not required to accept entries with missing payments, entry forms or USEF waivers. Upload waivers to Event Entries.

I submitted two USEF waivers. Why is my entry still marked Pending?   Make sure you submitted the correct documents, and that all mandatory signatures are included. This includes Rider, Owner, Trainer and Parent/Guardian if applicable. The correct waivers are the USEF/USEA Entry Agreement and the USEF/USEA Liability Waiver found on the last two pages of the HT or CCI entry form.

Do I have to send a muck deposit if stabled?   No! Muck deposits are charged after the show for dirty stalls if entering via Event Entries.

How to I submit the Loch Moy Farm waiver?  You can upload a farm waiver to Event Entries. 

How do I submit a missing Coggins?   Upload to Event Entries.

I have other questions.   Email us at, 601-498-3330

REMINDER: There is an Incomplete Fee ($20.00 PER ITEM) for any missing information as of 6:00pm Sunday, September 26, 2021. Submit missing items as instructed in the omnibus and let us know if you're having a problem or if we haven't acknowledged a submitted item.


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Sep 18 - Sep 19: MDHT Starter HT
Sep 24: USEA FEH Qualifier & Jump Chute Clinic
Sep 25 - Sep 26: FEH East Coast Champs
Oct 1 - Oct 3: MDHT #3 - Area2 Champs
Oct 4: Week with the Pros - Daniel Clasing
Oct 5: Week with the Pros - Stephen Bradley
Oct 6: Week with the Pros - Kelley Williams
Oct 7: Week with the Pros - Allison Springer
Oct 9 - Oct 10: MDHT Starter HT
Oct 11 - Oct 17: XC schooling on Comp Course
Oct 30 - Oct 31: MDHT Starter HT/Starter HT Championships
Oct 31: NEH Series Finale
Dec 4 - Dec 5: Donation Derby
Jan 1 - Jan 2: MDHT Winter Cross Derby
Jan 8 - Jan 9: MDHT Winter Cross Derby (Inclement Weather Dates)
Mar 5 - Mar 6: MDHT Spring Cross Derby
Mar 19 - Mar 20: MDHT March Starter HT
Apr 9 - Apr 10: MDHT April Starter HT
Apr 10: USEA FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifier
Apr 13: Twilight Eventing
Apr 23 - Apr 24: USDF LMF Spring Flings I & II
Apr 27: Twilight Eventing
May 4: Twilight Eventing
May 14 - May 15: MDHT May Starter HT
May 15: USEA FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifier
May 18: Twilight Eventing
Jun 1: Twilight Eventing
Jun 4 - Jun 5: USDF LMF Dressage Festivals I & II
Jun 15: Twilight Eventing
Jun 25: PYT Dressage and Jackpot Jumpers
Jul 8 - Jul 10: The Maryland International + Horse Trials
Jul 15 - Jul 17: MDHT #2 + FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifier & Jump Chute Clinic
Jul 18 - Jul 24: XC Schooling on the Competition Course
Aug 3: Twilight Eventing
Aug 6 - Aug 7: USDF LMF Dressage Festivals III & IV
Aug 17: Twilight Eventing
Aug 31: Twilight Eventing
Sep 10 - Sep 11: MDHT September Starter Horse Trial
Sep 11: USEA YEH/NEH Qualifier (No FEH)
Sep 16: FEH Qualifier + Jump Chute Clinic
Sep 17 - Sep 18: FEH East Coast Championships *Tentative Dates

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