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Times & Entry Stats

May Starter Trial

Adamstown, MD

5/29/2021 - 5/30/2021



 RIDE TIMES WILL NOT BE ISSUED TO INCOMPLETE ENTRIES! Submit any Missing Items ASAP as directed below. You will not receive ride times until your entry is complete.



  • You can enter, scratch, change horse, rider or level until the final closing date, without having to contact the secretary. There is a $25 scratch fee. There is no change fee until after closing.
  • After the final closing date, you will contact the secretary to make changes. Changes are $25 for horse, rider or moving up a level; dropping down a level is free.
  • All early bird and final closing dates will be posted on Compete Easy.
  • Compete Easy does not allow unpaid or incomplete entries. You must pay in full, submit a current coggins and digitally sign your Loch Moy Farm waiver at the time of entry.

 CHECK YOUR DIVISION! Email with problems.

If riding dressage only (DSG), SJ only (SJ) or XC only (XC), let us know your test and/or height!

Saturday Divisions: CT-P, M, T, N, BN, (and Junior (J prefix) sections of HT divisions), CTs of any division running this day, DSG Test of Choice, Dressage Fix A Test.

Sunday Divisions: NSU, BNSU, ELM, INTRO (and Junior (J prefix) sections of HT divisions); CTs of any division running this day (S suffix) DSG Test of Choice, Dressage Fix A Test.


 Entry Status as of 05/05/2021 10:55 AM


Rider Name Horse Name Class Number Class Name Starter Series Team Notes Coggin Draw Date Missing Information  Stabling  Prefered stabled with TIP # Dressage Test for HC Dressage/Fix-a-Test
Caroline Andrews CV''S MONSTER MAN 04 Novice (Saturday) Team Destination    12/26/2020       300027530  
kari archambault BENNY THE STAR 20 Novice - Sunday     10/8/2020          
Kieley baker LADY OF MISCHEIF 25 Junior Elementary - Sunday Destination Eventing - Caroline Savage, Brynn Meszoly, Eve Ackiewicz     missing coggins        
Dawn Beach SMOKIN HOT 20 Novice - Sunday     12/9/2020   yes   300017204  
Dawn Beach MASTER MAGICIAN 02 Modified (Saturday)     12/9/2020   yes   300017204  
Lily Bisson ZARA 26 Introductory - Sunday     3/15/2021          
Kim Brokaw CARRICK DIAMOND JOHNNY 20 Novice - Sunday     6/12/2020          
Felicity  Carl GEPETTO 23 Junior Beginner Novice - Sunday   Stall next to Ariel Carl 6/5/2020   yes Ariel Carl    
Zoe Cavalcanti TRIXSTER 07 Junior Beginner Novice (Saturday)     3/11/2021          
Sarah Chapin HAFTA ASK 04 Novice (Saturday)   Haul In/ stabled off site 2/11/2021          
Sara Clendaniel BELLA 04 Novice (Saturday)     12/11/2020   yes Dawn Beach     
Denise Connelly CAT IN THE HAT 04 Novice (Saturday)     1/6/2021       300023572  
Denise Connelly ARMY COUNCIL 22 Beginner Novice - Sunday     1/6/2021       300023572  
Kora Cook SONNY 07 Junior Beginner Novice (Saturday)     10/6/2020          
Margaret Dugan KING ARTHUR 26 Introductory - Sunday     11/10/2020          
Bryce Durst BELLA (PIXIE DUST,  REG NAME) 27 Junior Introductory - Sunday     6/29/2020          
Kim Egan MADELEINE 12 Beginner Novice Combined Test (Saturday)     5/3/2021          
Melissa Esposito KILLER QUEEN 22 Beginner Novice - Sunday     3/1/2021   yes   300029537  
Martha Figueroa WINNIE 06 Beginner Novice (Saturday)       missing coggins        
Nina Fout ARDEN COUNTDOWN 03 Training (Saturday)     1/8/2021          
HEATHER FRITCHMAN LET''S BOOGIE 22 Beginner Novice - Sunday   request that I show as early as possibly in the BN level on Sunday 5/30?  3/4/2021   yes Other horses please, I am coming alone with 1 hors    
Shelby Funk EASY CHARM 24 Elementary - Sunday     3/17/2021          
Olivia Harris COMPADRES TIME 25 Junior Elementary - Sunday     2/14/2020 expired coggins        
Olivia Harris STRAWBERRY WINE 23 Junior Beginner Novice - Sunday     1/20/2021          
Eleanor Hilliker ZIGGY 27 Junior Introductory - Sunday     3/9/2021          
Wendy Jones DALWHINNIE 24 Elementary - Sunday     2/10/2021          
Farryn Kuhn IMA FOOL FOR YOU 25 Junior Elementary - Sunday     2/5/2021          
Billie Lindquist COURTBELLE 06 Beginner Novice (Saturday)     4/7/2021       300031370  
Josephine Long PRIM NOT PROPER 27 Junior Introductory - Sunday Thing 2   4/12/2021          
Marlene Lyons MANCHESTER 04 Novice (Saturday)   trailering with Allie Webster/Jessalyn Biggs-Penton 11/27/2020       300031500  
Cyndy Mackey SEATTLE REIGN 04 Novice (Saturday)     1/8/2021          
Amanda Malloy MAYBE TOMORROW 06 Beginner Novice (Saturday)     3/19/2021          
Erin Mcelhone MAMOOBIL 03 Training (Saturday)     12/22/2020       300027041  
Tara McShane MISS GRETA 06 Beginner Novice (Saturday)     3/22/2021          
Ashley Ochocki MIGHTY MOE 26 Introductory - Sunday     3/18/2021          
Colleen Orta JACKSON 20 Novice - Sunday     3/30/2021          
Colleen Orta EXCEL STAR IRISH ROSE 22 Beginner Novice - Sunday     3/30/2021          
Christine Raymer DOBBY IS A FREE ELF 06 Beginner Novice (Saturday)     12/22/2020       300031044  
Alfred Rayne CHESAPEAKE 22 Beginner Novice - Sunday     2/3/2021   yes      
Annie Renzetti LUNA 03 Training (Saturday) Friends I Never Knew I Had 2 training horses 12/8/2020          
Annie Renzetti MOLLY 03 Training (Saturday) Friends I Never Knew I Had 2 training horses 12/8/2020          
Megan Reuwer SOME ME TIME 04 Novice (Saturday) Pleasant Prospect Farm Eventing

Kim Egan and High Street

Cyndy Mackey and Seattle Reign

Steven Preller and Finnegan 
Alyssa Rose DENALI 24 Elementary - Sunday     3/15/2021   yes Julie Simon    
June Saccardi ANTS IN YOUR PANTS 24 Elementary - Sunday     3/16/2021       300031674  
Jennifer Shepherd SHILOH 24 Elementary - Sunday     3/10/2021          
Karen Siegrist HOT REELS 06 Beginner Novice (Saturday)     1/15/2021          
Lauren Spiegel THREE SOCKS ROX 22 Beginner Novice - Sunday     2/26/2021   yes      
Jamie Suever DAVINCI 06 Beginner Novice (Saturday)     3/29/2021          
daniella teie CROWN THY GOOD 07 Junior Beginner Novice (Saturday)     3/23/2021          
Allyson Thomas QUEEN OF THE NORTH 22 Beginner Novice - Sunday   Trailering with Katie Wherley. Prefer for our times to allow her to be able to coach me for jumping phases 7/31/2020       300029203  
Brianna DiRocco-Toy SUMMIT COUNTY 24 Elementary - Sunday     1/4/2021       300031440  
Peyton Travis THE HONEY BADGER 23 Junior Beginner Novice - Sunday     1/18/2021          
Alexandra Webster INMIDAIR 04 Novice (Saturday)   Please have times near Marlene Lyons and Jessalyn Briggs-Penton 11/27/2020          
Katie Wherley GRATEFUL HEART 20 Novice - Sunday     4/21/2021       300018646  
Paige Williams TERRAPIN 07 Junior Beginner Novice (Saturday)     10/20/2020   yes   300029509  
Kelsey Youngman BOLD AS LOVE 24 Elementary - Sunday     10/9/2020          


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