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In light of the recent local outbreaks of EHV-1 in Cecil, Anne Arundel and Chester (PA) Counties, and the number of horses traveling from localities with other outbreaks now that the show season has begun, Loch Moy Farm is instituting the following requirements for the March 20-21 starter. This may extend to future events, including Twilight Eventing, depending on how these outbreaks progress.
EQUINE HEALTH CERTIFICATE: Click there to find the Maryland Department of Agriculture's Equine Exhibitor's Self-Certification of Animal Health. You MUST examine each horse for the conditions described, TAKE ITS TEMPERATURE to fulfill the OTHER condition check box, and fill out the certificate. Do so before putting your horse on the trailer for travel. It is recommended that you monitor temperature and other vitals over the course of several days prior to travel. HORSES WITHOUT HEALTH CERTIFICATES WILL BE BARRED FROM THE GROUNDS (as will any horse on the trailer with them, even if it has been examined). 30-day health certificates will not be accepted. We will accept a 72-hour (or shorter) veterinarian-issued health certificate in lieu of a self-certificate if your horse has been isolated from outside disease vectors since its exam.
PRINT and SIGN your horse's Health Self-Certificate. They will be collected at a checkpoint after the pond, before you drive up the hill. If the ground is not soggy due to the coming rain, you may park in the field below the hill if you would like to keep your horse at some distance from other trailers. Ask at the checkpoint if this option is available.
Again, HORSES WITHOUT HEALTH CERTIFICATES WILL BE BARRED FROM THE GROUNDS (as will any horse on the trailer with them, even if it has been examined). We will ask you to turn around and leave. No refunds will be issued.
ON-SITE PROTOCOLS:  Please adhere to these strictly!
1) BRING YOUR OWN WATER! The wash stalls will be closed. You MUST provide your own water for your horse.
2) Do not let horses from different barns greet or touch each other.
3) Do not share buckets, towels, lead ropes, halters, etc. between horses.
4) Contain your horse! Do your absolute best to make sure your horse does not come loose from your trailer.
5) WASH YOUR HANDS! Wash your hands after handling a horse or its equipment. Bring a spare coat or shirt in case a strange horse gets saliva or nasal discharge on your clothes.
6) Do not linger on the grounds after your ride.
STABLING PROTOCOLS: Please adhere to these strictly!
1) Follow all the above protocols.
2) Water will be available on site for stablers ONLY. Do not let the hose touch the bucket when filling water buckets. If you have room to bring your own water, do so.
3) Stablers will be grouped by barn and isolated from each other as much as possible.
4) Do not handle or feed other people's horses. The volunteer stable manager (Friday afternoon and Saturday only) will NOT be permitted to hay or feed your horse.
5) Maintain distance from other people and horses (We've still got our covid pandemic, remember!) Use the door closest to your stall to enter and exit the barn. Do not walk down the whole length of an inside barn aisle if you don't need to.
6) Arrive as late as is feasible. Leave as promptly as possible.
REMINDER: Monday (March 15) is the last day to scratch with a refund (less $25 office fee), or change your entry without a change fee. No refunds will be issued after the 15th. All changes after the 15th (except dropping down a level) will incur a $25 change fee. We are no longer able to issue credits or schooling passes for future events. If you are unsure about riding this weekend, we encourage you to scratch now!
Please be sure to follow all protocols, and monitor your horse's health. As you are no doubt aware, the neurological form of EHV-1 is devastating and often deadly to horses. Protect your horse, and help us keep the show season going strong. We've all dealt with a lot over the last year because of the pandemic, but we will get through all these challenges if we can work together. Email us at if you have any questions.

pdfMaryland Department of Agriculture's Equine Exhibitor's Self-Certification of Animal Health.


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