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Times & Entry Stats


January Cross Derby

January 2 and 3, 2020


 ATTENTION: You can make changes to or scratch your entry via Compete Easy through Thursday, Dec 31. 

 Ride times and the schedule will be posted late Wednesday. Course maps should be ready on Thursday.

There will be a list of COVID-19 procedures with the ride times, but due to current conditions, please, NO SPECTATORS. Limit your group to riders, one parent/guardian per child, and the smallest number of grooms possible.

You will be PRINTING your pinny number from a document that will be provided along with ride times. If you cannot print, hand-write your number in the exact size and thickness as on the document. Use black or dark blue ink/paint only. Remember to make two!

Email us at with any questions.

COSTUME THEME: New Year's Eve and the Roaring Twenties! Flappers, the Jazz Age, barnstormers, race jockeys, daredevils, mobsters, moonshiners, bankers and party-goers - go old-school or make a new statement for 2021! We'll have awards for our favorite horse and rider costumes. Jazz up your truck, too!



Rider First Name Rider Last Name Stables Stable Days Arrival Date Departure Date Horse 1 Horse 2
Christina Porter 1 1 1/1/2021 1/2/2021 WINSTONTARIAT - Gelding -   
Keilani Roberts 1 1 1/2/2021 1/3/2021 FLASH TO PASS - Mare -   
Jennifer Cobb 2 1 1/2/2021 1/3/2021 GREELEY'S DUDE - Gelding MANNHATTAN'S MARTINI - Mare



(Everyone got in off the wait list!)

Rider Name Horse Name Class Name Derby Series Team Name   Notes   Coggins 
Hope Adams QUALITY ON REPEAT Junior Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Charlotte Adcock DIGBY Junior Novice      
Elisa Allen SKIPPER Elementary - 2 ft to 2.3 ft - Saturday      
Arianna Almeida HANG TIME Novice      
Arielle Alpert KENNETH STREET Training      
Caroline Andrews CV'S MONSTER MAN Novice Finish the Bridge Already     
Tiffany Andrews CROWN ROYAL Novice      
Allyson Armagost SHEER LUCK (SHAMMY) Junior Elementary  - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Lilly Baer CHOCOLATE PEARL Junior Beginner Novice      missing coggins
Edward Baker RESERVES SLIM Beginner Novice (Sunday)      coggins EXPIRED
Maggie Beck MALCOLM Junior Elementary  - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Gwen Bell FOREIGN AFFAIR Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      missing coggins
Kate Benjamin DUCK DUCK GOOSE Junior Novice      
Samia Benjida SEDONA Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Tracey Bienemann LILLY Novice      
Julie Bigham ACCOMPLICE Novice      
Janice Binkley GAELIC CHIEFTAIN Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Gianna Bird GYPSY GIRL Junior Elementary - 2 ft to 2.3ft - Saturday      
Lily Bisson ZARA Elementary - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Dayna Blumel CABO WABO Beginner Novice Dovecote Dimes    
Sebastien Brigham-alomari FRISCO Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Addison Brost LB LILIKOI Junior Beginner Novice (Sunday) Five Pines Farm Eventing    
Jaclyn Burke CHANCE OF LIFTOFF Novice (Sunday) Hablyn Hills Equestrian Team     
Emily Burnham SWEET HEART OF SUMMER Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Emily Cantler CABERNET Junior Elementary (2ft to 2.3ft)      
Jill Caple SWEET PEA Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Kathleen Carr QLE HELEN WHEELS Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Veronica Castro WIND CHIMES Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Meredith Chance CHAMA Novice (Sunday)      
Krista Child DRAKE Beginner Novice      
Strider Christian A LITTLE SOUTHERN A LITTLE SASS Junior Beginner Novice      
Devenie Cloran FREARK Beginner Novice      
Jennifer Cobb GREELEY’S DUDE Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Jennifer Cobb MANNHATTAN’S MARTINI Elementary - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Denise Connelly ARMY COUNCIL Elementary - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Kora Cook SONNY Junior Elementary (2ft to 2.3ft)      
Elle Cooper ROMEO’S JULIET Junior Elementary (2ft to 2.3ft)      
Charles Copper STARDUST Novice (Sunday)      
Bianca Cordeiro LORDANS LAD Training      
Stephanie Cordell CODENAME TOBY Modified      
Maya Cosgrove RIVIERA Junior Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Kristine Covert PROFESSOR ZOOM Beginner Novice      
C. jane Cox ALEXIS Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft) Dovecote Vixens    
Isabella Craft WALLE Junior Novice (Sunday)      
Sarah Crutchfield REMINGTON Junior Beginner Novice      
Gabrielle Dafonte DAFONTE’S PEAK Junior Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Madison Davis KING CONGO Beginner Novice (Sunday) Blaven    
Michelle Deleon GRASSROOTS Novice      
Summer Denise MARDI GRASS Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Natalie Depinto HARD WORK Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Brianna Dirocco-toy SUMMIT COUNTY Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Abigail Dove ZIPPITY DOO DAH Junior Beginner Novice      
Spencer Dyson QUINTESSA Junior Beginner Novice Galloping Goofs    
Kelsey Estes SHAUNA Training - Saturday      
Lauren Fagan DUTCH DEVINE Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Lauren Fagan DUTCH DEVINE Beginner Novice      
Kendal Fansler CHARLOTTE Junior Elementary - 2 ft to 2.3ft - Saturday      
Kyleigh Fansler SMOKEY Junior Elementary - 2 ft to 2.3ft - Saturday      
Josie Fiss CRAZY GAME OF POKER Junior Elementary (2ft to 2.3ft)      
Megan Fiss LITTLE CHIEF Junior Elementary (2ft to 2.3ft)      
Pam Flail CLIFTON''S CARRERA Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Leslie Fredrick MTF HIGHTOWER Modified - Saturday      
Jamie Furtado IMAGINE THE GOLD Training      
Berkley Gardner CHILLIE Junior Novice      
Faith Genkinger SOUP OF THE DAY Junior Beginner Novice Red Gate     
Abigail Grove ZIPPER AL SHAZAAM Junior Elementary  - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Astrid Harper REDFORD Beginner Novice      
Liz Harrington FIONA Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Olivia Harris STRAWBERRY WINE Junior Beginner Novice      
Samantha Haynie WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA Training Team RLE    
Lindsey Hellmuth peirce ROCKET MAN Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Leah Hiener OLD FASHIONED LOVE SONG Modified      missing coggins
Leah Hiener MARYLAND MUD Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      missing coggins
Hope Hinshaw SIR LOUIS Junior Novice (Sunday)      
Megan Hopkins MR. GOODBAR Junior Novice #yolo    
Allison Horwith MORE ZEN READY Modified      
Allison Horwith LARRIKIN Modified      
Brenda Howell HAMLET Schooling Only - No Competition      
Annaliese Hrubiak MISSILES MELODY Junior Elementary - 2 ft to 2.3ft - Saturday      
Ella Jensen PINEAPPLE PRINCE Junior Beginner Novice      
Casey Jones LOUIS VUITTON Beginner Novice      
Avery Kasper DOUBLE DUTCH Training - Saturday      
Hanna Keegan SERENDIPITY Junior Novice (Sunday)   I am on a Derby Team with Raegan Nalls and Alivia Peterson.   
Madison Keen ONCE UPON A TIME Junior Beginner Novice      
Maureen Kelleher PERNICIOUS Beginner Novice - Saturday      
Ellen Kelly LITTLE CHIEF Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)   Trailering with Monica Fiss  
Cheyenne Kline MADE YA LOOK Elementary - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Alexandra Konstandinidis CINNAMON SASS Schooling Only - No Competition (Sunday)      
Morgan Krens WYNNBROOK MOONKAT Junior Beginner Novice Success Xpress    
Mary Kruger KINGSTON FLYER Beginner Novice      
Emily Lafave SCOOBY DOOBY DOO Elementary - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Emily Lafave SCOOBY DOOBY DOO Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Judith Lafleur-lovegrove CIAO BELLA Beginner Novice Team RLE    
Rebecca Lee TIZ THAT Novice      
Sabrina Long DUCHESSE Junior Beginner Novice      
Jasmine Lorenz EL CAPITAN Junior Elementary (2ft to 2.3ft)   Trailing with Monica Fiss  
Siena Lundberg COSETTE MARIE Junior Novice      
Ann Ma DRAMBUIE Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Cyndy Mackey SEATTLE REIGN Novice      
Kendall Macmillin CORIAN Junior Elementary  - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Samantha Manning BEN''JAMMIN Junior Novice      
Grace Manson COASTAL FAIRWAY Junior Elementary - 2 ft to 2.3ft - Saturday      
Melinda Mccullah MAESTRO Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Lauren Mccullah CHARLIE BROWN Junior Elementary (2ft to 2.3ft)      
Erin McElhone MAMOOBIL Training      coggins EXPIRED
Reba Merritt CRAZY MAN Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Jim Meyer GILLY Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Melanie Miksovsky BAYHILL CAPELLA Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft) Dovecote Vixens    
Natalie Molloy TAKODA DREAMER Junior Beginner Novice      
Heather Montgomery IKE Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Hannah Moon GOING FOR GOLD Junior Beginner Novice (Sunday)   Tarilering with Kate Schnider  
Kasey Moseley A WILD RUN Novice      
Raegan Nalls ARE YOU READY FREDDY? Junior Novice (Sunday)      missing coggins
Shawna Newsome ACE''S ZOOMIN'' DUDE Beginner Novice      
Kayla Nichols THE FLYING FOX Junior Beginner Novice Dovecote Dolls    
Cailin O'Connell RACING BREEZY Junior Elementary (2ft to 2.3ft) Red Gate Team 4    
Sara Ogle SOVEREIGN SKY Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Delaney O'neil EIRLY LADD Junior Novice (Sunday)      
Chloe Pleune INDIANA JONES Junior Beginner Novice      
Christina Porter WINSTONTARIAT Novice      
Christina Porter WINSTONTARIAT Beginner Novice      
James Power JOE THE PONY Junior Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Steven Preller FINNEGHAN Novice      
Christine Raymer DOBBY IS A FREE ELF Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Annie Renzetti JOCELYN Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Annie Renzetti GWEN Novice      
Annie Renzetti MOLLY Training      
Megan Reuwer SOME ME TIME Novice      
Keilani Roberts FLASH TO PASS Junior Elementary  - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Penelope Roesler SAY NO MORE Junior Novice      
Jacqui Ross CUTE AND RICH Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Anna Santacroce GREY FLANNEL JACKET Junior Novice      
Kate Schneider PRIVATE BIGGS Junior Beginner Novice (Sunday)   With Hannah Moon  
Hannah Schofield MSH READY TO ROCK Novice      
Lindsey Schweers EIGHT BALL CORNER POCKET Beginner Novice      
Emily Sewell OVER VALAY Novice Snow Queens    
Ally Sewell TRYON Junior Elementary (2ft to 2.3ft) Snow Queens    
Mimi Shapiro STOW AWAY Junior Elementary  - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
April Shaver VESUVIUS Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
April Shaver ASTON MARTIN Novice (Sunday)      
Deanna Shoop PEPPER Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Rosa Shoop-hunter SIMON Schooling Only - No Competition      missing coggins
Xena Sincore BLACK DIAMOND Training - Saturday      
Xena Sincore BLACK DIAMOND Modified - Saturday      
Brianna Sine COLOR CODED Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Willow Skapin D.J. Junior Elementary  - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Gillian Smith RED CLOUD Junior Beginner Novice      
Reeghan Snow AXEL Junior Beginner Novice - Saturday      
Conrad Somers ILLUSTRATION Training      
Conrad Somers GETAWAY MONEY Beginner Novice      
Elizabeth Somers PARIS IS ART Beginner Novice      
Emmaline Speis ANSWERED PRAYER "REMMY" Junior Elementary  - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      missing coggins
Portia Spence MAX'S PAINTED MOON Beginner Novice (Sunday)      coggins EXPIRED
Mekenzie Strate SO IT GOES Novice (Sunday)      coggins EXPIRED
Nyah Thomas LITTLE DUECE COUPE Junior Beginner Novice      
Danielle Thumma I''VE GOT THE GOLD (SQUISHY) Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Danielle Thumma RELATIVELY RYKER Modified - Saturday      
Sonja Tucker GUSTAV Novice      
Mia Valdez PERFECT STORM Junior Novice - Saturday #yolo    
Charmaine Van der merwe ALLABOUTPEACHES Novice      
Tyler Warman SAINT BARNABAS Beginner Novice - Saturday      
Merrill Wasser SOCKS FOR DOBBY Beginner Novice - Saturday Cross Derby Jan 3 BN    
Ava Wehrs LYRIC Junior Beginner Novice (Sunday) Paints and Pointers Farm    
Yvonneke Weitzel SCARLET SUNRISE Beginner Novice (Sunday)      
Claire Wheeler MIDNIGHT LACE Junior Novice Snow Queens     
Emma Whitaker SAMSON Junior Elementary - 2 ft to 2.3ft - Saturday      
Jessica White SOUND OF SILENCE Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)      
Karyn Wilson CELLO Beginner Novice      
Bailey Wilson LEAP OF FAITH Novice (Sunday)      
Beth Woodson FINLEY Novice      
Madison Yates Q DAWG Junior Beginner Novice Galloping Goofs    
Elisabeth Yeager CRIMSON AND CLOVER Elementary (2 ft to 2.3 ft)   Sabrina Morris owns the mare, she is in the process of obtaining an updated Coggins  
Megan Zalesak JUST DASH Elementary - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday) Paints and Pointers    
Hailey Zaun OUTBREAK Junior Elementary  - 2 to 2.3 ft - (Sunday)      
Diane Zrimsek CORONADO CHARLIE Training - Saturday      
Jenna Zurenko COEUR D''OR Beginner Novice      

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