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Times & Entry Stats

MDHT/HCS, USA Saddlery Halloween Starter

Adamstown, MD

10/31/2020 to 11/01/2020


SCHEDULE CHANGE (10/21 UPDATE)!! We have a few changes due to popular demand. Saturday Divisions: Modified through Intro and CTs for each division. Dressage, Stadium and Cross Country rounds. Sunday Divisions: Novice through Intro and CTs for each division. Dressage, Stadium and Cross Country rounds. All championship divisions.

ALL CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISIONS will run SUNDAY ONLY. This includes Modified and Training Championships.


 RIDE TIMES WILL NOT BE ISSUED TO INCOMPLETE ENTRIES! Submit any Missing Items and payments ASAP as directed below. You will not receive ride times until your entry is complete.

COSTUME CLASS:  Enter your horse in our Halloween costume class! One class will run mid-day each day. You don't have to ride in the horse trials to enter, and you don't have to be mounted. Halter-horse and leadline costume entries are welcome! Cost is $10 per entry; all proceeds benefit Carroll Manor Fire Company in Adamstown, MD, our local volunteer fire and rescue squad. The pandemic has impacted them as it has all of us, so please take this chance to thank them for their hard work and continuing support of Loch Moy Farm.

 Missing Items: The "Signatures" page in this case is our updated 2020 Loch Moy Farm waiver.  Please follow this link to get and upload a waiver:  To upload a coggins: To pay missing fees: Muck deposits can be paid via check or on the website (with a $5 convenience fee), but must be in our hands before you arrive!

VOUCHERS: If you are using a voucher for this event but it does not show as credited to your entry, please email us at

BRIDGE: One more closure is scheduled this year but has not been announced. Status will be updated once we have more information.

Entry Status as of 10/17/2020 05:28 PM

CHECK YOUR DIVISION! Email with problems.

If riding dressage only (DSG), SJ only (SJ) or XC only (XC), let us know your test, day and/or height!

Saturday Divisions: CT-P, M, T, N, BN, (and Junior (J prefix) sections of HT divisions), CTs of any division running this day; Saturday Costume Class (HWSA)

Sunday Divisions: All Championship (CH) divisions from M through INTRO; regular ELM, INTRO (and Junior (J prefix) sections of HT divisions); INTRO CTs and ELM CTs; Sunday Costume Class (HWSU)

Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatusStable Near
Adams, Kelly Britain BN $0.00   Complete  
Andrews, Caroline C V's Monster Man N $0.00   Complete  
Andrews , Tiffany Crown Royal CHBN $125.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Anhalt, Erica Oliver's Artful Dodger BN $0.00   Complete  
Attick, Colton Operation Smile JT $25.00   Complete  
Ayd, Brita Bella Donna M $0.00   Complete  
Baer, Lilly Chocolate Pearl CHELM $0.00   Complete  
Baker, Kieley Lady of Mischief ELM $0.00   Complete  
Bates, Karen Sweet Nellie BN $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Beach, Dawn Smokin Hot CHN $0.00   Complete  
Beebe, Laura Maverick BN $0.00   Complete  
Boyle, Eleanor Rugby's Hall BN $0.00
  • Signatures
Brink, Debbie Remember That T $0.00   Complete  
Briscoe, Nancy Simmer INTRO $0.00   Complete  
Briscoe, Alexa Harry Hopkins BN $0.00   Complete  
Brown, Kassidy Little Red Missile JBN $0.00   Complete  
Brunkow, Savannah Starlight CHELM $0.00   Complete  
Burke, Jaclyn Chance of Liftoff CHBN $0.00
  • Signatures
Campion, Sarah Carlos N $0.00   Complete  
Caple, Jill Take Three CHELM $0.00   Complete  
Carl, Ariel Andy CHBN $0.00
  • Signatures
Incomplete Next to Katilyn hyduke
Carr, Kathleen QLE Helen Wheels ELM $0.00   Complete  
Cecil, Samantha Akome JBN $0.00   Complete  
Chance, Meredith Separatist BN $0.00
  • Signatures
Chappell, Jessica Kiltubrid Harley N $25.00   Complete  
Clark, Linnea Vanity Hallmarks Patty INTRO $0.00   Complete  
Cloran, Devenie Freark BN $0.00   Complete  
Collins, Emily #Now Trending N $0.00   Complete  
Conboy, Ashleigh Fear The Fire N $0.00
  • Signatures
Cook, Kora Takoda Dreamer JBN $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Elle Jules JELM -$25.00   Complete  
Cornue, Suzannah SAS Mojo Rising T $0.00   Complete  
Covert, Kristine Professor Zoom BN $0.00   Complete  
Dierman, Addison Piano Man JINTRO $25.00   Complete  
Dragulescu, Larissa Withers Larue CHBN $0.00   Complete  
Dugan, Margaret King Arthur CHINTR $0.00   Complete  
Dunkleberger, Sabrina Take A Gamble N $25.00
  • Coggins
Dunleavy, Blair Virginia Gentleman INTRO $0.00   Complete  
Estep, Nicole Valentino BN $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Faison, Amy Devon Ridge Dalwhinnie ELM $0.00   Complete  
Farah, Jamie Dancing Denis N $0.00   Complete  
Feeser, Kira Uno Magna JT $25.00   Complete  
Furtado, Jamie Imagine The Gold T $0.00   Complete  
Garagusi, Charlotte Mountain Blues CHN $0.00   Complete  
Garofalo, Suzanne Livvy T $0.00   Complete  
Gaynor, Amy Studly Dudley T $0.00   Complete  
Gilbert, Kayla Exit Strategy CHELM $0.00   Complete  
Hammack, Heather Alleged Charge BN $0.00
  • Signatures
Harris, Olivia Strawberry Wine CHELM $0.00   Complete  
Hill, Julia Rock on Bye N $0.00   Complete  
Hopkins, Megan Partly Puzzled JT $0.00   Complete  
Hornbeck, Pamela For the Fun of It N $0.00   Complete  
Horner, Lexi VerySmart CT-EL $0.00   Complete  
Hyduke, Kaitlyn Domus R CHN $0.00   Complete  
Kalwa , Alexandra Ding Dong Ditch ELM $0.00   Complete  
Kasley, Addison Kodiak CHBN $0.00   Complete  
Kasley, Emerson Big Bad Tattoo CHBN $0.00   Complete  
Keesee, Sara Cruel to be Kind BN $0.00   Complete  
Kemerer, Angela Precious Miracle INTRO $0.00   Complete  
Kneiss, Aimee Isabella Rocks CT-EL $0.00   Complete  
Loehmann, Sofia Crusader N $25.00   Complete  
Long, Jennifer Providence Vienna HWSU $0.00   Complete  
Long, Jennifer Providence Vienna INTRO $0.00   Complete  
Mackintosh, Lacey Jasmine INTRO $0.00
  • Signatures
Malloy, Annie Ever So Clever JBN $0.00   Complete  
Mannix, Lauren The Wolverine T $125.00
  • Coggins
Massey, Jordan Logan BN $0.00   Complete  
Mattern, Meghan Goose N $0.00   Complete  
McCullah, Melinda Maestro INTRO $0.00   Complete  
McCullah, Lauren Charlie Brown INTRO $0.00
  • Coggins
McElhone, Erin Mamoobil T $0.00   Complete  
McLean, Cara Rain on My Heart N $0.00   Complete  
McShane, Tara Miss Greta BN $0.00   Complete  
Meriedy, Arianna Zeus INTRO $0.00
  • Signatures
Michael, Teresa Song for the Kaiser N $25.00   Complete  
Miller, Kerry Ellie ELM $0.00
  • Coggins
Moon, Hannah Justice for All ELM $0.00   Complete  
Moritz, Magdalen Daddy's Twinkle Toes JELM $0.00   Complete  
Myers, Margaret Arikara T $0.00   Complete  
Myrsten, Aman Cosmic INTRO $0.00   Complete  
Nelson, Lucy Beauty School Dropout CHT $0.00
  • Signatures
Nelson, Sophie Gabriel's Gift INTRO $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Norris, Lindsey Painted Arrow HWSU $0.00   Complete  
Norris, Lindsey Painted Arrow INTRO $0.00   Complete  
O'Connell, Cailin Racing Breezy ELM $0.00   Complete  
Ochocki, Ashley Mighty Moe INTRO $0.00   Complete  
Ogg, Hailey Crimson Lode JBN $0.00   Complete  
Palmer, Marie My Little Disco BN $0.00   Complete  
Parris, Kristen Untouchable N $0.00   Complete  
Pino, Ella Lante ELM $0.00   Complete  
Preston, Emily El Piston ELM $0.00   Complete  
Renzetti, Annie Molly N $0.00   Complete  
Sanders, Kristina Roxie INTRO $0.00
  • Signatures
Saunders, Kaiti Goosehunter N $0.00   Complete  
Savage, Caroline Pistol JELM $0.00   Complete  
Scherschligt, Julia Fifteen Cents BN $0.00   Complete  
Schmitt, Alyssa Buttons BN $0.00   Complete  
Schmitt, Alyssa Lucky For U Kid BN $0.00   Complete  
Sims, Gillian Cruise CHBN $0.00   Complete  
Singh-Lefkovitz, Mirit BamBam CHELM $0.00   Complete  
Snow, Reeghan Axel ELM $0.00   Complete  
Spare, Emmanuelle Dangerous Ice BN $155.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Spencer, Grace Ben'Jammin JN $0.00   Complete  
Spicknall, Hayley Jump in Jack Cash CHBN $0.00   Complete  
Spicknall, Cassidy Harrison CHBN $0.00   Complete  
Spicknall, Samantha Banjo JINTRO $0.00   Complete  
Steele, Michelle Winnie INTRO $0.00
  • Signatures
Stewart, Janelle High Resolution BN $125.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds  
Stoughton, Samantha Sandy The Bear BN $0.00   Complete  
Sullivan, Lizzie Buck Naked ELM $0.00   Complete  
Sutherland, Devon Ianto JN $0.00   Complete  
Teetor, Alison Cracker Jack N $0.00   Complete  
Temple, Kelli Exel Star Royal Trend T $0.00   Complete  
Temple, Kelli Saint Nick BN $0.00   Complete  
Tracy, Kimberly Miss Dutchess INTRO $0.00   Complete  
Tucker, Sonja Gustav N $0.00   Complete  
Walker, Carmen Dante's Paradiso INTRO $0.00   Complete  
Waters, George S. An American Girl N $0.00   Complete  
Wimmer, Becca Martini CHBN $0.00   Complete  
Zarish, Kathie Lawless CT-EL $0.00   Complete  
Zerbo, Tamara Yosemite (Chivo) BN $25.00   Complete  
Zolet, Caitlin Kynymont Cassidy CHT $0.00   Complete  
Zrimsek, Diane Coronado Charlie T $0.00   Complete  
van Hasselt, Emma Jaunty Doll BN $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
van Hasselt, Emma Jaunty Doll HWSA $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
van der Merwe, Charmaine Allaboutpeaches BN $25.00   Complete  

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