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Times & Entry Stats

The Maryland International and Horse Trials

Adamstown, MD

7/3/2020 to 7/5/2020

Signatures: Be sure you are using the NEW 2020 USEF Waiver and the new USEF Entry Agreement. These are two separate documents.

Waiver: This is the NEW 2020 Loch Moy Farm Waiver.

Missing Items: The event is confirmed! All outstanding payments are due immediately! Missing paperwork and association numbers will be due by Sunday, June 28 to avoid the Missing Items Fee.

INCOMPLETE ENTRIES WILL NOT RECEIVE RIDE TIMES! No Exceptions. Your entry must be complete by Wednesday, July 1. Your times will not be released until we have all your items.

STABLING: Stall Assignments, Permanent Stall Chart (no symbol), Portable Stall Chart (PT). Everyone's horse has been moved to the competition side of the street! Unless you paid for camping, you must park you trailer in satellite parking across the street from the competition grounds.

FEI Schedule: Vet Inspections (between office and stadium, NOT the barn): Thursday 4:00 PM to 5:30PM and Friday 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM or 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (By appointment! Email us. Only room for a few horses at 11:00). FEI dressage will commence at 9:00 on Friday with the 3*. Stadium starts at 1:30 PM, followed immediately by Cross Country.

Entry Status as of 07/01/2020 07:25 PM

We have a lot of paperwork to input, so you entry may still show as incomplete. Don't forget, there are three (3) waivers! The USEF Waiver, the USEF Entry Agreement and the Loch Moy Farm Participant Agreement. See above for links.

Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatusStable Near
Abrams, Luba Huey BNR $0.00   Complete  
Adams, Ashley Charly OP $0.00   Complete  
Adams-Blackmore, Lea Fernhill Frostbite TR $0.00   Complete  
Adcock, Charlotte Digby JON $0.00   Complete laine ashker
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Faberge Star CCI2-S $0.00   Complete  
Anderson-Blank, Cindy MHS Cooley Vegas CCI3-S $0.00   Complete  
Ashker, Laine Call Him Paddy OP $0.00   Complete Cant
Ayre, Emma Shepard JYOP $50.00
  • Deposits
Ayre, Emma Power Strike ON $70.00
  • Deposits
Barnhard, Jennifer Winsome Maverick ON $0.00   Complete  
Barry, Lisa Rosie's Aventadora OI $0.00   Complete  
Baugh, Alexandra I Spye CCI3-S $0.00   Complete Four Schools Farm
Baugh, Alexandra Mr Candyman CCI3-S $0.00   Complete Four Schools Farm
Baugh, Alexandra Dogano de L'Oiseliere MOD -$399.00   Complete Four Schools Farm
Bayley, Brooke Lotos MOD $0.00   Complete  
Bayley, Brooke Unbroken MOD $0.00   Complete  
Beamish, Julia True Blue ON $0.00   Complete  
Beaver, Kelly Excel Star Pluto ON $0.00   Complete  
Beheler, Ashley Jubilee OBN $0.00   Complete  
Beshear, Emily Plumpjack MOD $0.00   Complete  
Biddle, Jane Cadenza Aria JON $0.00   Complete  
Bomse, Emma Unexpected Moxie JBN $0.00   Complete  
Bonamarte, Madison Ben de la Creme ON $0.00   Complete Lainey Ashker Eventing
Bourke, Tim Quality Explosion OP $0.00   Complete  
Bourke, Tim Flying Quality OP $0.00   Complete  
Bradley, Kai Diamonds Forever OBN $0.00   Complete  
Bradley, Stephen Belle De Reve OP $0.00   Complete  
Bradley, Stephen Carrera 75 ON $0.00   Complete  
Brock, Macie kissthebutterflies JON $0.00   Complete  
Broggini, Francesca Esuberanza ON $0.00   Complete  
Broggini, Francesca Cooley High Flyer ON $0.00   Complete  
Brown, Clarissa Aristocrat NR $0.00   Complete  
Brown, Caroline Sydney JOT $0.00   Complete  
Buchanan, Cindy Fabby Abbey ON $0.00   Complete  
Buchanan, Audrey Dove NR $0.00   Complete  
Burke, Jaclyn At First ON $0.00   Complete  
Burke, Jaclyn Chance of Hidden Heights MOD $0.00   Complete  
Burns, Elizabeth Leo the Lion Hearted JBN $0.00   Complete  
Burns, Virginia Captain Jack JON $0.00   Complete  
Bushman, Anna Start Snapping JBN $0.00   Complete  
Busse, Alexandra Ataraxia JBN $0.00   Complete  
Callahan, Elizabeth Merlin TR $0.00   Complete  
Cant, Addie Fiftyshadesofcharm TR $0.00   Complete lainey ashker
Carvalho, Kristen Bombero NR $0.00   Complete  
Catlett, Mary Cooke Luck of the Draw JOT $0.00   Complete  
Chadderton, Kate Dewey Square OT $0.00   Complete  
Chadderton, Kate FF Valour OP $0.00   Complete  
Chadderton, Kate Crazy For Calypso ON $0.00   Complete  
Chavis, Cary Warren LVS Z MOD $0.00   Complete  
Cindric, Madeline Sweet Soliloquy NR $0.00   Complete  
Clare, Mary Golden King TR $0.00   Complete  
Clark, Macy Mandolin R OP $0.00   Complete  
Coile, Kelly Soul Rebel OT $0.00   Complete  
Colgan, Ainsley Ginobi JON $0.00   Complete  
Connelly, Denise Cat in the Hat NR $0.00   Complete  
Connelly, Morgan Scatastrophe OT -$114.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Time to Shine OT $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Tick Tock OT $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Darcy OBN -$50.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star First Class OT $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star High Hopes OBN $0.00   Complete  
Cooper, Courtney Briarhill Excel Star Take 2 OBN -$50.00   Complete  
Cooper , Sabina Dictate the Terms JON $0.00   Complete  
Cordell, Stephanie Codename Toby JOT $0.00   Complete  
Cornue, Suzannah Clear Crossing OT $0.00   Complete  
Cornue, Suzannah Supernova ON $0.00   Complete  
Courtenay, Carroll Mr. Puff Higgins Jr. OT $0.00   Complete  
Cousins, Sarah Tiz Ready OP $0.00   Complete  
Cousins, Amanda Duncan TR $0.00   Complete  
Cousins, Sarah Hagrid OT $0.00   Complete  
Craft, Isabella Marcato (Sam) JON $0.00   Complete  
Crandall, Brittany Cooley Almighty CCI2-S -$75.00   Complete Gabby Dickerson
Crespo, Olivia Star Lord 27 NR $0.00   Complete  
Crocker, Sarah Call Sign Charlie OBN $0.00   Complete  
Crotty, Paige Excel Star E. I. Rivere OBN $0.00   Complete  
Crotty, Paige Excel Star Armina Z ON $0.00   Complete  
Curtin, Annamarie Kermit ON $0.00   Complete Lainey Ashker Eventing
Cutler, Mikayla Reverie MOD $0.00   Complete  
Davis, Sarah Hedonemewrongsong OT $0.00   Complete  
Davis, Clark Tamia De La Faye OT $0.00   Complete  
DeLaney, Katherine Canto Royale OI $0.00   Complete  
DeSantis, Joe Frame Seahawk ON $0.00   Complete  
Dear, Ashley Winning Cool Colors BNR $0.00   Complete  
Devening, Olivia Maximus JBN $0.00   Complete  
Dhruv, Aylah Cover Story BNR $0.00   Complete  
DiGangi, Lee Eleventh Hour NR $0.00   Complete  
Dickerson, Gabby Journeyman CCI2-S $0.00   Complete  
Dickerson, Gabby Cherished Friend CCI2-S $0.00   Complete  
Diz, Suzanne Top Gun BNR $0.00   Complete  
Douzant, Martin Frame Shamrock OP $0.00   Complete  
Douzant, Martin Olympus ON $0.00   Complete  
Druffner, Sara All That Jazz NR $0.00   Complete  
Dry, Ellen Walk Away Slow BNR $0.00   Complete  
Dutton, Phillip Fernhill PickPocket CCI3-S $0.00   Complete  
Dutton, Olivia Lincoln's Address ON $0.00   Complete  
Dutton, Phillip California D'Horset OP $0.00   Complete  
Eagley, Norah American Made JON $0.00   Complete  
Eddahri, Carly La Perle Noire MOD $0.00   Complete no temporary stabling
Eller, Evelyn SAS Mojo Rising BNR $0.00   Complete  
Ennis, Jules Shars Dancer OT $0.00   Complete  
Epstein, Natalie Fanta OT $0.00   Complete  
Evans, Therese Lost In Ireland OP $0.00   Complete  
Facciolo, Alissa Soon Mia soon BNR $0.00   Complete Over on Carolyn side. Shed row
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Epic Moment CCI2-S $546.00   Waitlist  
Firor, Nadya Risk It JBN $0.00   Complete  
Flores-Kinney, Zara Elusive Dassett OP -$235.00   Complete  
Francart, Angie Toby The Coal Man TR $0.00   Complete  
Franks, April Pots and Pans OI $0.00   Complete  
Fredrick, Leslie MTF High Tower TR $0.00   Complete  
Frew, Gretel Union Commander JON $0.00   Complete  
Fulton, Savannah High Seas OT $0.00   Complete  
Fulton, Stephen Raniki OBN $0.00   Complete  
Fulton, Savannah Irie ON $0.00   Complete  
Fulton, Savannah Cash Point ON $0.00   Complete  
Gaffney, Colin Timaru CCI3-S $0.00   Complete Four Schools Farm
Gaffney, Colin Indigo D'Arville OT $0.00   Complete Four Schools Farm
Gahan, Hailey Painted Sky OT $0.00   Complete  
Gardner, Berkley Chillie JON $0.00   Complete  
Gaynor, Amy Studly Dudley OT $0.00   Complete  
Gehman, Jessica Greyson NR $20.00
  • Waiver Form
Gehris, Suzy Steddy Eddy NR $0.00   Complete  
Gibson, Anna Cruise on Cooley NR $0.00   Complete see notes -NC horse
Glas, Adam Clever Soul BNR $0.00   Complete  
Gomez, Isabella Low Key Obsession JON $0.00   Complete  
Grald, Ariel Diara OP $0.00   Complete  
Grald, Ariel BGS Aurora CCI2-S $0.00   Complete  
Grald, Ariel Caballe CCI2-S $0.00   Complete  
Grald, Ariel Isla de Coco OP $0.00   Complete  
Greenway, Sarah LF Jagger MOD $0.00   Complete  
Grice, Rachael Kodak Moment NR $0.00   Complete CSJ Eventing, Christina Stamos
Gubenia, Lisa Kiss A Monster MOD $0.00   Complete Ariel Grald
Gumbiner, Sara Wildwood Stroll OT $20.00
  • Coggins
Gumbiner, Sara Harmony HPF ON $0.00   Complete  
Gumbiner, Sara Gadwall OP $20.00
  • Coggins
Hagen, Ainsley Brae's Mountain JYOP $0.00   Complete  
Hain, Victoria Bounce Pass OT $0.00   Complete  
Halliday-Sharp, Elisabeth Marysville Sir Henry CCI2-S $0.00   Complete  
Halliday-Sharp, Elisabeth Cooley Stormwater CCI3-S $0.00   Complete  
Halliday-Sharp, Elisabeth Cooley Seeking Fortune OI $0.00   Complete  
Halliday-Sharp, Elisabeth Cooley Be Cool OI $0.00   Complete  
Harrington, Erin Viola OP $0.00   Complete  
Hawkins, Hannah Ivian HX OT $0.00   Complete  
Hawkins, Hannah Mr Magic Man OT $0.00   Complete  
Hawkins, Hannah Quality Beach ON $0.00   Complete  
Hawkins, Hannah Autopilot WRF ON $0.00   Complete  
Haynal, Cleo Golden Boot BNR $0.00   Complete  
Hershey, London Elektra JBN $0.00   Complete  
Holden, Isabel Rebel Soul OP $416.00
  • Signatures
  • Rider USEA
  • Rider USEF
  • Horse USEA
  • Waiver Form
Hornbeck, Pamela For the Fun of It BNR $0.00   Complete  
Iacono, Stacy Madaket Road ON $0.00   Complete  
Johnson, Morgyn Peter Parker GS ON $0.00   Complete  
Johnson, Cali Black Label OT $0.00   Complete  
Jones, Casey Main Stay JON $0.00   Complete  
Kanara, Erin Not Ours OP $0.00   Complete  
Kanara, Erin Plouescat Gold OP $0.00   Complete  
Karatzias, Susannah Cassius CCI1-S $0.00   Complete  
Kasley, Addison Kodiak JON $0.00   Complete  
Keefe, Carlin Hoodwink JON $0.00   Complete  
Keefe, Ryan Point Nemo CCI2-S $0.00   Complete  
Kelahan, Caroline Inevitable JON $0.00   Complete  
Kelley, Lindsay Pac Man ON $0.00   Complete  
Kelley, Lindsay Plumes ON $0.00   Complete  
Kenney, Emilee Bantry Bays Winston JBN $0.00   Complete  
Klemanski, Hayden Tidal Waves NR $0.00   Complete  
Klugman, Ema Bronte Beach Z OP $0.00   Complete  
Klugman, Ema RF Redfern OT $0.00   Complete  
Klugman, Ema Bendigo OI $0.00   Complete  
Koch, Molly Lowhill Toome Diamond NR $0.00   Complete  
Kottra, Katrina Felicity Doll JBN $25.00   Waitlist  
Kuczynski, Caitlin Fernhill Showboat OP $0.00   Complete  
Kuczynski, Caitlin Fernhill Melody OT $0.00   Complete  
Kuczynski, Caitlin Fernhill Boogie Shoes OBN $0.00   Complete  
La Barre-Melato, April Smoke It Over NR $0.00   Complete  
Lamb, Leslie Banjo OI $0.00   Complete Carly Eddahri
Lamb, Leslie Pitt Maneuver OT $0.00   Complete  
Lawaetz, Alice Chacello NR $0.00   Complete  
Lawaetz, Alice Princeton Z BNR -$20.00   Complete  
Lawson, Rachel High Tide OP $0.00   Complete  
Levering, Alex Swizzle OT $0.00   Complete  
Loushin, Kimberly Active Andy TR $0.00   Complete  
Lucas, Courtney Titan OP $0.00   Complete Jordan Riske
Luce, Julia A Proper Gentleman JYOP $0.00   Complete  
Mansmann, Clare Buff Dude OT $0.00   Complete  
Mansmann, Thomas Fashion Decree OBN $0.00   Complete  
Marquardt, Michelle My Son Ernie BNR $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Caroline Redfield Dexter OP $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Caroline Sergio Grasso OT $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Caroline Farwest De Barbereau OT $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Kurt Nevertheless OBN $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Caroline Redfield Hero OBN $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Caroline Diablo Hit OP $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Caroline Redfield King OT $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Kurt D.A. Shannondale Cushla MOD $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Kurt Miss Penny Lane MOD $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Caroline Redfield Champion OBN $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Caroline Redfield Jannes ON $0.00   Complete  
Martin, Kurt Compromise Elsewhere OI $0.00   Complete  
Martinez, McKenna Commitment TR $0.00   Complete  
Masemer, Wendy Cruze By MOD $0.00   Complete  
Maxian, Jax Milo Diamond OP $0.00   Complete  
McCormack, Sandra Rain Colony ON $0.00   Complete  
McDonough, Rachel The Goat OBN $30.00   Waitlist  
McDonough, Rachel Mr. Lit OT $0.00   Complete  
McDonough, Rachel Runaway Jet OT $30.00   Waitlist  
McGrain, Megan Future Quality ON $0.00   Complete  
McGrain, Morgan More Than Likely MOD $0.00   Complete  
McGrath, Morgan Windchase Alcor JYOP $0.00   Complete  
McGrath, Michael Whitty Remark TR $0.00   Complete  
McKissock, Casey Spice of Life MOD $0.00   Complete  
McNally, Melissa Land of Jewels NR $0.00   Complete  
Melville, Greer Sandy Prince JOT $0.00   Complete  
Miller, Lara Dancer's Edge OBN $0.00   Complete  
Miller, Hannah Dynamic Knight TR $0.00   Complete  
Miller, Cierra Denis the Menace OBN $0.00   Complete  
Mohn, Madeline Stuck on You JBN $0.00   Complete  
Morris, Joanie Betterthanexpected CCI1-S $0.00   Complete Four Schools Farm - you can st
Myers, Payton Tekkenistic JOT $0.00   Complete  
Mykityshyn, Grace Lusi JOT $0.00   Complete  
Niles, Abigail Carrick Finest Lad JYOP -$235.00   Complete  
Nitzenberger, Kerri Pinazola OP $0.00   Complete  
Noonan, Benjamin BoJangles JYOP $0.00   Complete  
Noonan, Benjamin Keep Kitty CCI3-S $0.00   Complete  
Nymeyer, Rachel Higher Calling OP $0.00   Complete  
O'Donnell, Juliette Czar NR $0.00   Complete  
O'Neil, Delaney An Irish Blessing CCI2-S $0.00   Complete  
O'Neill, McKenna Kenneth Street TR $0.00   Complete  
O'Roark, Caitlin What The Devil OT $0.00   Complete  
O'Roark, Caitlin On A Mission MOD $0.00   Complete  
Olmstead, Courtney Claire OT $0.00   Complete  
Olmstead, Courtney Douce ON $0.00   Complete  
Orms, Moriah Widespread Chaos OP $0.00   Complete  
Orms, Moriah Nuance OBN $0.00   Complete  
Pappalardo, Silvio He's My Rock TR $0.00   Complete  
Parks, Mackenzie Mr McGoey OBN $0.00   Complete  
Parsonage, Evelyn Roman Art JOT $0.00   Complete  
Paul, Saskia Pekin JBN $0.00   Complete  
Pellegrino, Kristiane White Oaks Joyride BNR $0.00   Complete  
Pendleton, Michael The Fonz Himself CCI3-S $0.00   Complete  
Pendleton, Michael Wabanaki CCI3-S $0.00   Complete  
Pendleton, Michael Electra OP -$260.00   Complete  
Pendleton, Michael Maya OI $0.00   Complete  
Peterson, Alexandra Gaya ON $0.00   Complete  
Phipps, Christine Monbeg Nola TR $0.00   Complete Arial grald
Poe, Alexis Tell 'M Nothin TR $0.00   Complete  
Poulsen, Danielle Capability Brown OP $0.00   Complete  
Reed, Alex On Broadway OI $0.00   Complete  
Renzetti, Annie Molly NR $0.00   Complete  
Renzetti, Annie Luna TR $0.00   Complete  
Ricklefs, Elizabeth Idlehour Patriot TR $0.00   Complete  
Riske, Jordan Redemption Song CCI3-S $0.00   Complete  
Rodriguez, Victoria Otto TR $0.00   Complete  
Rosenblatt, Victoria Centerfold MOD $0.00   Complete  
Rutledge, Colleen Covert Rights CCI3-S $0.00   Complete  
Rutledge, Colleen Confidence Game CCI3-S $0.00   Complete  
Sargent, Michele ChannelofDreams NR $0.00   Complete  
Sarnoff, Claudia Papa Pablo OBN $0.00   Complete  
Sarnoff, Claudia Callan Quinto OP $0.00   Complete  
Schofield, Hannah Fastidious TR $0.00   Complete  
Schroeder, Allison Third Time's A Charm NR $0.00   Complete stamos johns
Selden, Sarah Deputy Cavalier TR -$15.00   Complete  
Sendak, Courtney Dare to Encounter OT $0.00   Complete  
Sendak, Courtney DGE TheManInTheGlass OP $0.00   Complete  
Senserini, Stephanie Monbeg Icon BNR $0.00   Complete  
Shaw, Ashley Edmonde TR $0.00   Complete end stall if possible
Shaw, Ashley Bedazzled ON $0.00   Complete other horse
Sherman, Eliana Ruby Slippers BNR $0.00   Complete  
Shotwell, Alise Cambell JON $0.00   Complete  
Simpson, Curran Fernhill Flame ON $0.00   Complete  
Smallwood, Megan Kilronan's Countess TR $0.00   Complete  
Smith, Allison Great Red Dragon ON $0.00   Complete  
Smith, Nicole Royal United's Chancellor OP $0.00   Complete  
Smith, Alaina One Tough Muffit NR $0.00   Complete  
Springer, Allison Vandyke OP $0.00   Complete  
Springer, Allison No May Moon MOD $0.00   Complete  
Springer, Allison Crystal Crescent Moon OI $0.00   Complete  
Springer, Allison Business Ben OI $0.00   Complete  
Stamos Johns, Christina Tri for the Rubies TR $0.00   Complete  
Stanlaske, Noah Dancing Queen JOT $0.00   Complete  
Stephenson, Sherry Pygmalion Prince NR $0.00   Complete  
Stillfried, Charlotte Palma D CCI2-S $0.00   Complete  
Stone Bourke, Marley LVS Dassett Charisma OP $0.00   Complete  
Strini, Benita Superstorm Sandy OP -$235.00   Complete  
Sumner, Lauren Crossfire OP $0.00   Complete  
Takada, Lisa Wishbone OI $0.00   Complete  
Taylor, David Sauvignon Bai MOD $0.00   Complete  
Temple, Kelli Dr. Diamond OT $0.00   Complete  
Temple, Kelli Exel Star Royal Trend OBN $0.00   Complete  
Temple, Kelli Napoleon OBN $0.00   Complete  
Thomas, Autumn Minus Two BNR $0.00   Complete  
Trier, Ashley K. Quality Vintage OT $0.00   Complete  
Voss, Skyeler Argyle CCI3-S $0.00   Complete  
Wales, Natalie Starfish MOD $0.00   Complete  
Walker, Mitch Santiago JYOP $0.00   Complete  
Wandy, Tiffany CV Outlaw OP $0.00   Complete  
Wardle, Heidi Cold Spice NR $0.00   Complete  
Warren, Emily Top Dollar JBN -$75.00   Complete Stamos Johns
Watters, Susan Pallhkari TR $0.00   Complete  
Wehle, Carolyn Edelmann OI $0.00   Complete See Notes
Weidner, Lillian Best Copy JBN $0.00   Complete  
Weil, Erin Patriot Games NR $0.00   Complete Sarah Greenway
Weiss, Cathrin Pegasus Black Gold BNR $0.00   Complete  
Wells, Emily Max's Painted Moon BNR $0.00   Complete  
Wheeler, Claire Mary Alice Brown JBN $0.00   Complete  
White, Jillian Karma's a Beach NR $20.00
  • Coggins
Waitlist Laine Ashker
White, Nancy Wild Eyed And Wicked BNR $0.00   Complete stable with Christina Stamos J
Wildasin, Arden Wanama OT $0.00   Complete  
Wildasin, Arden Tokyo Drift OT $0.00   Complete  
Wildasin, Arden SouthSide ON $0.00   Complete  
Wildasin, Arden Dusky Shadow MOD $0.00   Complete  
Wildasin, Arden ChitChat MOD $0.00   Complete  
Wildasin, Arden Page Six ON $0.00   Complete  
Wiles, Sammie Circulate NR $340.00
  • Coggins
Wise, Nancy Monarts Diamond Lad NR $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Ryan COOLEY CADBURY OT $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Ryan Carmella OT $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Ryan The Optimist OT $0.00   Complete  
Wood, Ryan Insuspense OT $0.00   Complete  
Woodville, Louisa PL Luckys Empress ON $0.00   Complete  
Zolet, Caitlin Kynynmont's Cassidy TR $0.00   Complete  
van der Rest, Katherine Pandora's Na'vi Child TR $0.00   Complete  

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