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Qualification Rules: In order to qualify for a Championship division, the same horse/rider combination must place 1st - 6th in at least 2 of the Starters, at the same level. The level the rider qualifies at will be their Championship level. Combined Tests do not count towards qualifying placings.

Please check this listing! If you believe there is an error or have any questions, email us at immediately.

There is one more chance to qualify if you've already earned a 1st through 6th this year! Sign up for the MDHT Starter qualifier classes running on Saturday, October 30. Remember that you must ride at the same level as your first qualifying ride!

Riders qualified through the October 9/10 starter:


Modified Dawn Beach MASTER MAGICIAN
Training Erin Mcelhone MAMOOBIL
Training Jamie Furtado IMAGINE THE GOLD
Training Tiffany Andrews CROWN ROYAL
Novice Alayna Pastuck ROSEINTHE THICKET
Novice Alexandria Huber Every Step
Novice Alexandria Huber WILLY WONKA
Novice Alyssa Miller DEVON DIVINE
Novice Anna Santacroce Grey Flannel Jacket
Novice Berkley Gardner CHILLIE
Novice Cara Mclean RAIN ON MY HEART
Novice Charlotte Milner Open Road
Novice Christina Feaga IN THE MICK OF TIME
Novice Christine Morrow Satchmo's Crossing
Novice Dawn Beach SMOKIN HOT
Novice Ela Rockafellow FINALLY RIGHT
Novice Emily Sewell OVER VALAY
Novice Emma Anderson SPECIAL OPS
Novice Isabella Nelson LionCheatinStealin
Novice Julianna Simon FLASHY MISS
Novice Kathleen Law BROOKLYNVILLE
Novice Kristen Parris Untouchable
Novice Lance Leclair MISSY CLARE
Novice Maddie Moy RUMMY
Novice Melissa Fox TITO TONIGHT
Novice Nora Muckerman Sig
Novice Sara Clendaniel BELLA
Beginner Novice Colleen Kolenda A DOZEN ROSES
Beginner Novice Kylie Carter JINX
Beginner Novice Alice Johnson PIEDMONT SUN
Beginner Novice Amy Pleasants KAZIEN T
Beginner Novice Anna Bushman START SNAPPING
Beginner Novice Caroline Andrews CV'S MONSTER MAN
Beginner Novice Cassidy Spicknall HARRISON
Beginner Novice Charlotte Eskeland ZEUS
Beginner Novice Christine Raymer DOBBY IS A FREE ELF
Beginner Novice Daniella Teie CROWN THY GOOD
Beginner Novice Danielle Thumma IVE GOT THE GOLD (SQUISHY)
Beginner Novice Elizabeth Espinosa Benediction
Beginner Novice Erika Offutt TOUCH OF GOLD
Beginner Novice Erin Kidwell TANGO
Beginner Novice Haley Shelberg WESTERN DYNAMO
Beginner Novice Hayley Spicknall JUMPIN JACK CASH
Beginner Novice Janelle Stewart HIGH RESOLUTION
Beginner Novice Katie Cleveland ARNOLD THE TERMINATOR
Beginner Novice Kim Brokaw MILTON
Beginner Novice Leah Brittin SECOND CHANCE
Beginner Novice Lilly Baer CHOCOLATE PEARL
Beginner Novice Lizzie Sullivan BUCK NAKED
Beginner Novice Maria Barrett ALADDIN'S LAMP
Beginner Novice Megan Zalesak JUST DASH
Beginner Novice Morgan Connelly REPOSADO WG
Beginner Novice Rose Agard Secret Bank
Beginner Novice Sarah Clyatt La Ferrari
Beginner Novice Sebastien Brigham-Alomari FRISCO
Beginner Novice Tatiana Perez CALLING PRINCE CHARMING
Elementary Aidyn Kenealy GOLDEN BOY
Elementary Allyson Armagost SHEER LUCK (SHAMMY)
Elementary Brianna Dirocco-toy SUMMIT COUNTY
Elementary Caroline Savage NAUGHTY BY NATURE
Elementary Danielle Ruderman CCS FALATHIEL
Elementary Dannielle Heller LIAM
Elementary Farryn Kuhn IMA FOOL FOR YOU
Elementary Jennifer Shepherd SHILOH
Elementary Lainie Taxay ONE IN A MILLION
Elementary Laury Marshall TYCHO
Elementary Nicole Doering WORTH THE WHISKEY
Elementary Rose Mcgrath LOVELY LADYBUG
Elementary Ruthie Goodman TELYNAU MR. JEEVES
Elementary Sara Miller leary FLATS AND SHARPS
Elementary Sophie Nelson GABRIELS GIFT
Elementary Tracey Stonebridge SOUTHERN STRAITS
Elementary Trenton Morgan THE ART OF WAR
Introductory Ashley Ochocki MIGHTY MOE
Introductory Breanna Hyatt NASHVILLE NIGHTS
Introductory Diana Brinsfield CRYSTAL VIEW
Introductory Eleanor Hilliker ZIGGY
Introductory Enzo Fiorentino LITTLE DRAGON
Introductory Kathleen Atkinson JONAMAC
Introductory Kendal Shires I LOVE YOU A LATTE
Introductory Kendall Shires I love you a latte
Introductory Lily Bisson Sedona
Introductory Madison Neil The Gambler (Vinny)
Introductory Madison Neil  THE GAMBLER (VINNY)
Introductory Margaret Dugan KING ARTHUR
Introductory Myra Blake KEVIN

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