Event Date: Oct 12 - 14, 2018 Open Date: Aug 28 Close Date: Sep 25

Special Prizes: 1) High Point Series Award, awarded for points accumulated by Novice, Training, Prelim and Intermediate competitors entered in all3 MDHT 2018 Recognized USEA Events and Beginner Novice and Modified entered in 2 of the MDHT 2018 Recognized Events. For more information on series awards, visitwww.themarylandhorsetrials.com 2) The Jockey Club T.I.P. High Point Thoroughbred Awards.3) We are offering an NEH (New Event Horse) season finale to any NEH competitors with a qualifying score of at least 72%. Ribbons & prizes will be given out at the season finale. 4) New for 2018: Maryland Thoroughbred Standardbred Eventing Series. See www.mdtseventing.com for details.

MDHT #3  Oct. 12-14 2018  Omnibus listing

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