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USEA FEH Jump Chute Clinic

USEA FEH Jump-Chute Clinic with Martin Douzant
Loch Moy Farm in Adamstown, MD
September 24, 2021


The clinic is open to horses of all ages and is intended to be an introduction for young horses to practice free-jumping in a jump chute. The setup will be similar to the chute that will be used in USEA Future Event Horse Championships.

Free-jumping is a wonderful way to evaluate the potential of a young horse over fences. It is also an effective and positive way to introduce a young horse to jumping without the guidance or distraction of a rider. Not only is free-jumping good for young horses, it is also beneficial for mature horses to keep them quick on their feet and to remind them how to take care of themselves when needed.

***To register: The total cost for the jump chute clinic will be $80 per horse, for a 20 minute session.

Enter on-line via the button below. Please upload the Loch Moy Farm waiver here UPLOAD WAIVER or using the link on the home page of This LMF waiver will be good for all of 2021. Upload Coggins here UPLOAD COGGINS

Want to Audit? Anyone may audit for $20. This is a great learning experience!

Questions? Contact:
Loch Moy Farm
1235 Park Mills Rd
Adamstown, Maryland 21710
Direct Phone Line: 301-514-0111


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