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Schooling Opportunities

Cross Country Schooling & Gallop Track at Loch Moy Farm

gallop trackGallop Track at Loch Moy - Measured Course in Meters and 1/10ths mile. View on

Schooling at its best!!

New marked meter / mile plus Gallop track is $25, included in schooling course fee of $50, or $25 separately.

  • $50 for xc schooling + gallop track
  • $25 for gallop track only
  • Water, Banks, Ditches for all levels.
  • Wonderful open areas.
  • Cost is $50 ($75 for competition course WHEN OPEN for schooling) per horse and rider combination.
  • Elementary - Intermediate levels.

Our cross country schooling course is open for schooling, by appointment. We have many elementary and beginner novice jumps, in addition to novice, training and preliminary, as well as intermediate portables. Please call 301-514-0111 to reserve a time and day.

Ground conditions sometimes dictate the use of studs. We strongly suggest you bring them along and check footing prior to beginning your schooling.

From Nov - March XC schooling is available on 8 acres of Cross Country obstacles on all weather footing, including ditches, banks and water, as well as the regular xc schooling course, and measured gallop track.

The COMPETITION COURSE will be CLOSED for schooling until after the July CCI-S 1*2*3* events.

Download Waiver  On-Line Entry


Rules for ALL Cross Country Schooling

Call 301-514-0111 to make an appointment to XC school:

  • All signed forms and checks must be in Red lockbox/ mailbox BEFOREyou take your horse off the trailer, or you will be excused from the course!
  • Riders must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet and body protector.
  • A medical armband is recommended.
  • Riders may NOT school alone
  • Please write coggins date and accession number on the release .
  • Releases and a registration form are available by clicking the buttons at the top of this page (will open a pdf form you can print and sign to bring with you).
  • The cost is $75 per horse and rider combination for the competition course (limited) or $50 per horse and rider combination for the schooling course.
  • New marked meter / mile plus Gallop track is $25, included in schooling course fee of $50, or $25 separately.
  • Make checks payable to "Loch Moy Farm, LLC."
  • Porta potty available on the grounds. Bring water for you and your horse.


Gallop Track w/ Sleeping Fox Farm’s Arsinoe

2019/2020 Winter Cross Derby Team Standings

Winter Cross Derby Team standings through 12/8/19. Click the link to download. Rules are below.Email to report mistakes.

New teams can still be added for the January 4 derby. Teams must participate in at least 2 of the 3 winter derbies to be eligible for the team competition.

pdf2019/2020 Winter Derby Team Competition Standings - December (corrected 12/17)

Team Series Award Rules

• Teams are made up of three or four riders.
• If three riders, all scores count toward the team score.
• If four riders, the highest score is dropped.
• Riders may ride multiple horses for one team.
• Horse substitutions are allowed in the event of lameness, etc. Notify secretary of change
in advance.
• A rider’s elimination does not eliminate the team, but that rider will automatically be
assigned 100 penalty points.
• The top team gets prizes, including your names engraved on a perpetual trophy.
• Team must participate in at least two of the three cross derbies. The two lowest team
scores of the series will be tallied for the series award.
• Scores will be based on penalty points. Lowest total penalty points wins.
• Logs/Crossrails Division is not eligible for team points.

USEA FEH Jump Chute Clinic with Martin Douzant

September 25, 2020

Open to horses of all ages, but precedence will be given to horses that are 3 and 4 years of age and are currently competing in the USEA Future Event Horse (FEH) series.

This clinic is intended to be an introduction for young horses to practice free-jumping in a jump chute. The setup will be similar to the chute that will be used in USEA Future Event Horse Championships.

Free-jumping is a wonderful way to evaluate the potential of a young horse over fences. It is also an effective and positive way to introduce a young horse to jumping without the guidance or distraction of a rider. Not only is free-jumping good for young horses, it is also beneficial for mature horses to keep them quick on their feet and to remind them how to take care of themselves when needed.


$75 per horse, for a 20-30 minute session. Anyone may audit for $20.
Please include your signed LMF waiver, USEA Educational Waiver, and a valid coggins.

Open: 8/14/2020
Close: 9/21/2020

Carolyn Mackintosh


Social Distance Schooling

Social Distancing? Socially Distant? Loch Moy Farm is open for schooling of all disciplines! We have a derby course and grass cross country course, a stadium course, and two dressage arenas (standard and small), a gallop track and riding trails.

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