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  • 2020 Betty Thorpe Award for Outstanding Dressage Volunteer

    Ashley and Oenomaus at Meadowood DressageAshley and Oenomaus at Meadowood Dressage

    Congratulations to Ashley Denner, winner of the 2020 Betty Thorpe Award for outstanding Dressage volunteer!

  • 2021 Loch Moy Farm Greatest Holiday Spirit Award

    janelle stewart derby 2021

    Rider Janelle Stewart riding High Resolution  Photo credit: Maya Kuntze

    2021 Loch Moy Farm Greatest Holiday Spirit Award

    Pixel (High Resolution) is a 2008 OTTB. He's Jockey Club registered as Formidable Image and raced 7 times with a grand total earnings of $2,120. He placed 3rd once but had no real desire or talent for racing, and usually finished at the back of the pack. A friend of a friend got him right off the track so he wouldn't go to auction or questionable places and mostly trail rode him until I purchased him in 2015. Since then we have played in local hunter & jumper shows and have been eventing at Beginner Novice. He is part leased to an adult amateur at our farm and last winter we used him to tow us around on a sled when we had enough snow, among all his other adventures. 

    Pixel will do almost anything for treats and most of all is willing to put up with my habit of dressing him up for the holidays- he was a very good sport about being the Peppermint Pony for the Donation Derby! I think he genuinely enjoys the attention & was paid well in carrots for all his efforts.


  • 2021 Loch Moy Summer Dressage Festival Results

    See details at

    Loch Moy Farm


  • 2021 MDHT Starter Series Championship Qualified Riders


    Qualification Rules: In order to qualify for a Championship division, the same horse/rider combination must place 1st - 6th in at least 2 of the Starters, at the same level. The level the rider qualifies at will be their Championship level. Combined Tests do not count towards qualifying placings.

    Please check this listing! If you believe there is an error or have any questions, email us at immediately.

    There is one more chance to qualify if you've already earned a 1st through 6th this year! Sign up for the MDHT Starter qualifier classes running on Saturday, October 30. Remember that you must ride at the same level as your first qualifying ride!

    Riders qualified through the October 9/10 starter:


    Modified Dawn Beach MASTER MAGICIAN
    Training Erin Mcelhone MAMOOBIL
    Training Jamie Furtado IMAGINE THE GOLD
    Training Tiffany Andrews CROWN ROYAL
    Novice Alayna Pastuck ROSEINTHE THICKET
    Novice Alexandria Huber Every Step
    Novice Alexandria Huber WILLY WONKA
    Novice Alyssa Miller DEVON DIVINE
    Novice Anna Santacroce Grey Flannel Jacket
    Novice Berkley Gardner CHILLIE
    Novice Cara Mclean RAIN ON MY HEART
    Novice Charlotte Milner Open Road
    Novice Christina Feaga IN THE MICK OF TIME
    Novice Christine Morrow Satchmo's Crossing
    Novice Dawn Beach SMOKIN HOT
    Novice Ela Rockafellow FINALLY RIGHT
    Novice Emily Sewell OVER VALAY
    Novice Emma Anderson SPECIAL OPS
    Novice Isabella Nelson LionCheatinStealin
    Novice Julianna Simon FLASHY MISS
    Novice Kathleen Law BROOKLYNVILLE
    Novice Katie Plath WICKEDANDWORTHIT
    Novice Kristen Parris Untouchable
    Novice Lance Leclair MISSY CLARE
    Novice Maddie Moy RUMMY
    Novice Melissa Fox TITO TONIGHT
    Novice Nora Muckerman Sig
    Novice Sara Clendaniel BELLA
    Beginner Novice Colleen Kolenda A DOZEN ROSES
    Beginner Novice Kylie Carter JINX
    Beginner Novice Alice Johnson PIEDMONT SUN
    Beginner Novice Amy Pleasants KAZIEN T
    Beginner Novice Anna Bushman START SNAPPING
    Beginner Novice Caroline Andrews CV'S MONSTER MAN
    Beginner Novice Cassidy Spicknall HARRISON
    Beginner Novice Charlotte Eskeland ZEUS
    Beginner Novice Christine Raymer DOBBY IS A FREE ELF
    Beginner Novice Daniella Teie CROWN THY GOOD
    Beginner Novice Danielle Thumma IVE GOT THE GOLD (SQUISHY)
    Beginner Novice Elizabeth Espinosa Benediction
    Beginner Novice Erika Offutt TOUCH OF GOLD
    Beginner Novice Erin Kidwell TANGO
    Beginner Novice Haley Shelberg WESTERN DYNAMO
    Beginner Novice Hayley Spicknall JUMPIN JACK CASH
    Beginner Novice Janelle Stewart HIGH RESOLUTION
    Beginner Novice Katie Cleveland ARNOLD THE TERMINATOR
    Beginner Novice Kim Brokaw MILTON
    Beginner Novice Leah Brittin SECOND CHANCE
    Beginner Novice Lilly Baer CHOCOLATE PEARL
    Beginner Novice Lizzie Sullivan BUCK NAKED
    Beginner Novice Maria Barrett ALADDIN'S LAMP
    Beginner Novice Megan Zalesak JUST DASH
    Beginner Novice Morgan Connelly REPOSADO WG
    Beginner Novice Rose Agard Secret Bank
    Beginner Novice Sarah Clyatt La Ferrari
    Beginner Novice Sebastien Brigham-Alomari FRISCO
    Beginner Novice Tatiana Perez CALLING PRINCE CHARMING
    Elementary Aidyn Kenealy GOLDEN BOY
    Elementary Allyson Armagost SHEER LUCK (SHAMMY)
    Elementary Brianna Dirocco-toy SUMMIT COUNTY
    Elementary Caroline Savage NAUGHTY BY NATURE
    Elementary Danielle Ruderman CCS FALATHIEL
    Elementary Dannielle Heller LIAM
    Elementary Farryn Kuhn IMA FOOL FOR YOU
    Elementary Jennifer Shepherd SHILOH
    Elementary Kieley Baker GREYSTOKES PEGASUS PISTOL
    Elementary Lainie Taxay ONE IN A MILLION
    Elementary Laury Marshall TYCHO
    Elementary Nicole Doering WORTH THE WHISKEY
    Elementary Rose Mcgrath LOVELY LADYBUG
    Elementary Ruthie Goodman TELYNAU MR. JEEVES
    Elementary Sara Miller leary FLATS AND SHARPS
    Elementary Sophie Nelson GABRIELS GIFT
    Elementary Tracey Stonebridge SOUTHERN STRAITS
    Elementary Trenton Morgan THE ART OF WAR
    Introductory Ashley Ochocki MIGHTY MOE
    Introductory Breanna Hyatt NASHVILLE NIGHTS
    Introductory Diana Brinsfield CRYSTAL VIEW
    Introductory Eleanor Hilliker ZIGGY
    Introductory Enzo Fiorentino LITTLE DRAGON
    Introductory Kathleen Atkinson JONAMAC
    Introductory Kendal Shires I LOVE YOU A LATTE
    Introductory Kendall Shires I love you a latte
    Introductory Lily Bisson Sedona
    Introductory Madison Neil The Gambler (Vinny)
    Introductory Madison Neil  THE GAMBLER (VINNY)
    Introductory Margaret Dugan KING ARTHUR
    Introductory Myra Blake KEVIN

  • 2021 Starter Series Team Winners

    1st Place 

    Friends I Didn't Know I Had

    Annie Renzetti riding Luna
    Brianna DiRocco Toy riding Summit County
    Tiffany Andrews riding Crown Royal

    2nd place

    Team Destination

    Caroline Andrews riding CV's Monster Man
    Erin McElhone riding Mamoobil
    Nora Muckerman riding So It Goes
    Cierra Miller riding CV's Jackpot

    tie for 3rd place 

    Hedgerow Farm 

    Emma Whitaker riding Samson
    John Secan riding Potter
    Kendal Fansler riding Charlotte
    Kyleigh Fansler riding Smokey

    Team Misty Run II

    Katie Plath riding Wickedandworthit
    Kyra Gustavus riding What A Guess
    Isabella Nelson riding Lioncheatinstealin

    sign up for donation derby Competition Details (

  • 2022 FEH Program Book Online Now

    Download Program Book

  • 2022 MDHT Starter Horse Trials Series

    EMAINING 2022 DATES: Fall Series- September 10-11, October 8-9, November 5-6

    EQUINE BIO-SECURITY MEASURES: For MDHT Starters- Use standard bio security practices: Don’t let horses touch or share equipment, drink out of the same bucket, etc. If your horse has a fever, don’t come. Don’t touch other people’s horses. Wash your hands frequently if you must touch other horses e.g. a trainer with multiple students who don’t board in the same barn.

    The EDCC recommends a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for out of state horses and a health declaration for all. We encourage people to take temps and do a self assessment. Safety for all.

    Check for the most recent outbreak reports at:

    Championship:For the Starter Series, there will be a Championship on the final Starter weekend. There will be a Championship division and regular divisions for each level. In order to qualify for a Championship division, the same horse/rider combination must place 1st - 6th in at least 2 of the prior Starters, at the same level. The level the rider qualifies at will be their Championship level. Combined Tests do not count towards qualifying placings.

    Team Competition:Form teams of 3 or 4 horse and rider combinations to compete for prizes and medals to be awarded following the final Starter competition. Points from the three highest scoring team members will be added together to determine the total number of points at each event. Teams can be made up of horse and rider combinations from various levels. Points awarded for top 8 placings as follows:

    1st place = 10 points; 2nd place = 8 points; 3rd place = 6 points; 4th place = 5 points; 5th place = 4 points; 6th place = 3 points; 7th place = 2 points; 8th place = 1 point

    See complete Team rules on the Team COMPETITION Page

    Starter Trials:The Starter Horse Trials consists of all three phases (dressage, show jumping, cross country) in an unrecognized/starter format. The trials have opening and closing dates, just like the USEF/USEA Recognized Horse Trials. The table below lists the necessary dates for the Starter Horse Trials.

    Starter Horse Trial Dates:

    Opening Date:

    Early Bird Closing Date:

    Late Closing Date

    Online Entry

    April 9-10

     February 21

     March 28

    April 3 Closed

    May 14-15

     April 2

    May 2 May 8 Closed

    September 10-11

     August 1

    August 29 September 4 Closed

    October 8-9

     August 15

     September 26

    October 2

    On-line Entry

    Nov 5-6

    September 12

    October 24

    October 30


    * Final Starter (11/5-6) Competition will run championship divisions along with regular divisions for each level. Championship division schedule will be announced closer to the event.

    Saturday Divisions:Preliminary-Modified (3’7” Stadium, 3’5” XC) Modified (3’5”), Training (3’3”), Novice (2’11”), Beginner Novice (2’7”)

    Sunday Divisions:Novice (2’11”), Beginner Novice (2’7”), Elem (2’ – 2’3”), Intro (18” – 2’)

    Horse Trials and CT Dressage Tests (note NEW eventing tests!):

    Intro: USDF 2019 Introductory Test A- small arena (20m x 40m) (Walk, Trot)

    Elementary: USDF 2019 Introductory Test C - small arena (20m x 40m) (Walk, Trot, and Canter)

    Beginner Novice: USEF 2022 BN Eventing Test A - small arena (20m x 40m)

    Novice: USEF 2022 Novice Eventing Test A - small arena (20m x 40m)

    Training: USEF 2022 Training Eventing Test A - small arena (20m x 40m)

    Modified: USEF 2022 Modified Eventing Test A - small arena (20m x 40m)

    Preliminary: USEF 2022 Preliminary Eventing Test A - small arena (20m x 40m)

    Combined tests must ride the test listed for the level. No substitutions.


    • Payment: All payments must be completed on Compete Easy. No checks, no cash, no website or Venmo payment. Certificate/vouchers holders, email the show office at for entry instructions.
    • Horse Trial: $150 (early bird $125);
    • Combined Test:$75 (must ride the test listed for the level. No substitutions). CTs are pinned if there are 3 or more starters at a level; otherwise HC (no ribbon).
    • Stabling:$50 per night. We are no longer able to provide a free bag of shavings with your stall. Shavings are $10/bag. Muck deposit of $25 per stall, returned if stall is stripped and swept clean. Please check out at secretary’s stand. All deposits are refunded through Compete Easy.
    • Included with Stabling:Come early the day before the event and hack along the river, or school the schooling course for no additional fee when stabling. Applies only to horses entered in the event.
    • Shavings:$10/bag
    • Change Fee:No charge until final closing date. $25/change after final closing date (dropping down a level is free).
    • Office+Scratch Fee: $25/entry (nonrefundable, included in cost of entry).
    • Non-Compete Horse Fee: $25 per horse.Include Coggins of non-compete horse with Bridle number will be issued and must be worn while horse is on grounds. (Bring a used or universal bridle number tag! We will not give out bridle numbers).
    • Returned Check Fee: $50
    • Camping: $50 per night for electric hook-up.


    • Refunds:Scratch through the final close date with a refund less $25 office/scratch fee. AFTER THE FINAL CLOSING DATE, NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS WILL BE ISSUED - NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Wait list: If there is a wait list, a refund or credit less the $25 office/scratch fee will be issued to any scratch whose spot can be filled off the wait list. Entries may not be transferred or sold to others if there is a wait list.
    • Show cancellation: If for any reason the show is cancelled, there is no refund. Credits may be issued as circumstances allow.


    • You must print two copies of the pinny number assigned to you with the ride times. The number will also be emailed to you. Bring your numbers and pinny holder with you! Use an old bridle number or buy a universal bridle number. No bridle numbers will be given out at the show.
    • Don’t wait until closing date to enter! We fill early. The number of spaces left will be shown in the event details on Compete Easy.
    • Scheduling requests must be submitted by the final closing date event. Not all requests can be fulfilled. Requestes submitted after closing are never guaranteed.
    • Enter Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) numbers, series team names, and requests for accommodation where specified. All other notes and requests should go in the Notes field.
    • Ride times will be posted on the THURSDAY before the show at
    • Vet and farrier will be on call. Numbers will be posted at stabling and on the scoreboard. Inquire for number at office if help is needed.
    • No unauthorized motor vehicles of any kind allowed on course or near dressage
    • NO unleashed dogs. Unleashed dogs will incur $100 fine and competitor


  • Choose an ICP-Certified Instructor

    The Maryland Horse Trials and Loch Moy Farm suggests all riders choose ICP-certified instructors. Following are some links to help!

    ICP-certified Instructors listed by level of certificate

    ICP-certified instructors listed by USEA Area

    If you'd like to know more about the substance of the ICP program, please go to this link. It describes our Workshops, Assessments, and Continuing Education.

  • Compete Easy to be used for Online Entries

    compete easy

    The Maryland Horse Trials will be using this new system for online entries.

  • Current IRP Point Standings

    Current IRP Point Standings

  • FEH East Coast Championships - Sept 26+27 - Program and Results

    FEH East Coast Championships, September 26 and 27, 2020

    Click here to download the FEH Championships Program (PDF)
  • Maryland International Photos

    Photos from The Maryland International + Horse Trials are ready to view and purchase from our official photographer, Erin Gilmore Photography.

  • MDHT XDerby Team Series 2021

    These are the updated points for the MDHT Derby Team Series.

    If you have any questions please email at

    Current Team Derby results 


  • Pick Your Test/Pick Your Time Dressage and Schooling Show Jump Rounds

    September 5th, 2022
    Dressage Show and Schooling Show Jump 

  • Pick Your Test/Pick Your Time Dressage Show

    March 26, 2022

    Dressage tests $35 each and Fix-a-Test rounds are $50 each.

    Loch Moy Farm is offering schooling dressage shows that afford competitors the chance to ride any test at any available time of day. Riders use an online form to select their tests, their ride times, and to submit paperwork and payment. The earlier one signs up, the more likely that preferred time slots are still open. Entry forms are now available!

    Enter Online

  • Schooling on the Competition Course

    October 10-16

    Intro and Starter jumps will be on the competition course as well!

    To sign up, please TEXT only (no email requests).

    Text 301-514-0111 with your preferred date and time, and the names of all riders. Then wait for your confirmation to come from us with instructions. Thank you!



  • Schooling Opportunities at Loch Moy Farm

    Loch Moy Farm is open for schooling of all disciplines! We have a derby course (open from November through March), a grass cross country course, a stadium course, and two dressage arenas (standard and small), a gallop track and riding trails as well as indoor schooling.

    1. We are REQUIRING that all riders make an appointment by text at 301-514-0111. Please text Carolyn at 301-514-0111 when you are on your way to come school! Please send, in advance, a complete rider list and how they are paying. Payment must occur before coming on to property.

    2. Indicate if your coggins and release have been uploaded to our website. You MUST upload your paperwork prior to arrival.
    3. Parking is behind the 4 board fense. If your group has more than 2 trailers, please park on the grass lot past the pond down below. Easy access to the hack path up to the XC field.
    4. Should ANY changes in state and/or county regulations be made, we will adhere to them. Abreast of schedule and policy changes at and and our Facebook pages/Instagram.

    Payment and sign up can be made through:

    1) Venmo   @carolyn-mackintosh


    2) PayPal (add $5.00 to all fees) on AND text 301-514-0111 with the schooling options you would like:


    • Derby Course + front XC Schooling Course: $60*
    • Stadium Schooling: $40
    • Dressage Schooling (small and standard arenas): $35
    • Gallop Track: $30
    • River Trail/Hacking: $30**
    • Companion Horse/In-Hand Horse: $30
    • Indoor Arena Schooling: $30

    * Gallop Track included in XC fee

    ** River Trail/Hacking included in all fees

    Payment must be made before coming on property. Text 301-514-0111 if you’d like to use a schooling pass or voucher for payment.

    We will be tracking everyone entering the facility. Again, you MUST text 301-514-0111 to make an appointment. Absolutely no unannounced arrivals will be tolerated.

    If you are still with us... THANK YOU FOR READING ALL OF THIS!!!!  We appreciate your ongoing support.

    Loch Moy Farm

  • Spring Fling Dressage Festivals I & II Results

    Show I - Saturday, April 23, 2022  |  Show II - Sunday, April 24, 2022

    Spring Fling 1 Results    Spring Fling 2 Results

  • Succeed XC Master Class with Lucinda Green October 17 - 18, 2022

    Loch Moy Farm Presents SUCCEED® XC Master Class- A two-day cross country clinic with LUCINDA GREEN!

    Six times Badminton Horse Trials winner & international XC coach Lucinda Green is coming to Loch Moy Farm October 17 - 18, 2022!

    Riding spots are full, but we are still accepting auditors. Sign up now to audit this rare opportunity!

  • Summer Dressage Festivals I & II Results

  • The Maryland International Foundation

    Donate today to the Maryland International Equestrian Foundation. Ensure accessibility to FEI Level events!

  • The MD International Event

    MD International CCI1* (unified) and CCI2*S, CCI3*S entries open 5/24/2022 and close 6/212022

    July 8-10 at The Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy Farm.

    Divisions offered:

    Enter On-line



  • The USEA Future Event Horse (FEH/NEH/YEH) Program

    Future Event Horse (FEH)

    Program Mission

    The USEA Future Event Horse Program (FEH) evaluates the potential of yearlings, 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds to become successful upper level event horses.

    The FEH Program was introduced in 2007 as a pilot program as a precursor to the already popular USEA Young Event Horse (YEH) Program, which is designed for 4- and 5-year-olds. Since the “test year” was so successful – with more than 50 young horses competing at the year end Championship – 2008 would see the FEH’s first season as a bona fide USEA program. FEH Classes are in-hand classes for yearlings, 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds. At Championships, 3-year-olds are required to compete in an additional free-jump division. The FEH program also offers a 4-year-old class in which the horses show their gaits under saddle at qualifier events, and compete in a free-jump division at Championships. The free-jump divisions will only be held at Championships - qualifier events will not have any jumping.

    Each age group is judged separately, and genders within the age group are judged separately when the number of entries allows. In order to compete in FEH classes, horses must be registered with the USEA, but a special FEH rate is available for owners who may not want to register the horse fully yet.

    2022 FEH Championships
    Horses must earn a minimum qualifying score of 72% at any qualifier to be eligible to compete in the FEH Championships.

    The 2022 Championships will hold a jump-chute class in the 3-year old and 4-year old divisions only.

    *4-year-old horses may not compete in both the FEH and YEH Championships in the same year. A 4-year-old horse may qualify for both Championships, but may only compete in one FEH or YEH program Championship, not both.

    FEH Rules can be found here:

    The 2022 USEA FEH East Coast Championships: Loch Moy Farm (Adamstown, Maryland), September 17-18


    New Event Horse (NEH)/Young Event Horse (YEH)

    Program Mission

    The USEA Young Event Horse Program (YEH) is best described as an eventing talent search. YEH's first season as an official program of the USEA was in 2005. The program's goal is to identify young horses that possesses the talent and disposition that, with proper training, can excel in the uppermost levels of eventing. While the ultimate aim is to identify the future five-star horses, many fine event horses who will excel at the lower levels will also be showcased.

    The Program gives owners and breeders the opportunity to showcase the potential of their four- and five-year-old horses while encouraging the breeding and development of top-level event horses for the future. Classes focus on education and preparation of the event horse in a correct and progressive manner. YEH Rules and Guidelines may be found here.

    At qualifying events, horses are asked to complete two sections:

    1. Dressage
    2. Jumping Test/Gallop/General Impression

    At Championships, horses are asked to complete three sections:

    1. Dressage
    2. Conformation/Type
    3. Jumping Test/Gallop/General Impression

    The USEA is now recognizing the nation's top 6-year-olds on a Preliminary leaderboard, and top 7-year-olds on an Intermediate leaderboard.


    • Age: Horses are considered to be one year older on January 1 each year regardless of birth month.

    4-year-old classes are for horses attaining four years of age in the current calendar year. 5-year-old classes are for horses attaining five years of age in the current calendar year.

    • Membership: Membership in the USEA is required for both horse and rider.
    • Horse Registration: The USEA requires that all horses be registered with the USEA to participate in YEH classes. Registration will ensure that the horses' full pedigree and competition results will be maintained. Please provide a completed Horse Life Registration form to the USEA. If you have breed registry papers on your horse, send a photocopy along with the USEA HLR form.

    The Dutta Corp. USEA Young Event Horse Championships

    East Coast Championships: October 13-14, 2022 at the Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill, Elkton, MD

    Qualifications: In 2022, on the East Coast, horses must earn one score of a 75% or higher at any YEH qualifier event to be eligible for the East Coast Championships. To be eligible for the West Coast Championships, horses must earn one score of a 70% or higher at any YEH qualifier event.

  • Week with the Pros 2022

    Join us October 3-5 for a Week with the Pros on Competition Course

    ALL riders MUST pay for their $85 MDHT schooling fee via the MDHT website (lower right side): Volunteer schooling passes will be accepted as well!



    Katherine Rizzo

    Entries Due: 9/29/2022





    Kelley Williams

    Entries Due: 9/30/2022


    Martin Douzant

    Entries Due:9/30/2022




    Stephen Bradley

    Entries Due: 10/1/2022



  • Young Horse Show Series


Volunteer Events at Loch Moy

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