Times & Entry Stats

HCS, USA Saddlery/MDHT Spring Starter #3

Adamstown, MD

5/26/2018 to 5/27/2018

Entry Status as of 05/23/2018 02:12 PM

Email missing items to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to avoid the $25 Missing Items fee. Items are due by MIDNIGHT THURSDAY. Be sure to use the Loch Moy Farm waiver, not the USEA signature page.

Do we have your OTTB's TIP number? Check here. Numbers are due by midnight Thursday.

Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatus
Abramcheck, Carla Perla Dubh T $0.00   Complete
Altman, Michelle Brandi ELM $0.00   Complete
Aprill, Megan Nashville Gold ELM $0.00   Complete
Armstrong, Andy FourFields Marcella T $0.00   Complete
Arthur, Christine Tuxedo N' Tails N $0.00   Complete
Aussprung, Rachel Battle Strategy JN $0.00   Complete
Austin, Lisa CMA Lookndownthebarrel BNSA $0.00   Complete
Ayd, Brita Bella Donna T $0.00   Complete
Baker, Edward Fernhill Casper N $0.00   Complete
Balderson, Camille Clayton BN $0.00   Complete
Ballhaus, Brooke Beverly's Ruby JELM $0.00   Complete
Barnes, Christi Shenanigans INTRO $25.00   Complete
Barth, Kamryn Storm Warning JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Bayley, Brooke Unbroken N $0.00   Complete
Bayley, Brooke Winterfell ELM $0.00   Complete
Beaumont, Chiantel Days Buenos BNSA $0.00   Complete
Beaumont, Isabella Diversification JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Berreth, Lindsay Oh So Extreme N $0.00   Complete
Blackmer, Kerry Bishop N $0.00   Complete
Blaylock, Darcy Over to Hue JN $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Bolsteins, Laila Sabino Canyon N $0.00   Complete
Bomse, Emma Blame It On Rio JINTRO $0.00   Complete
Bossung, Emmy Perfect Thought N $0.00   Complete
Bowman, Jean Wahoo Legal M $0.00   Complete
Boyd, Leigh Curraheen Skyy T $0.00   Complete
Boyle, Chloe Avasi JN $0.00   Complete
Bradley, Stephen A Little Risky T $0.00
  • Signatures
Brandt, Katie Venus Dancer INTRO $0.00   Complete
Bream, Kari-Ann Kaiba ELM $0.00   Complete
Brennan, Amanda Sage's Honor BNSA $25.00
  • Deposits
Brink, Debbie Remember That BNSA $0.00   Complete
Bromley, Katie Abby Roads JBN $0.00   Complete
Brown, Caroline Roanie Pony JBNSA $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Busse, Alexandra Phoenix JELM $0.00   Complete
Butts, David Marq N $0.00   Complete
Calvert, Kate Jet T $0.00   Complete
Camp, Daisy A Little Risky JBN $145.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Campanella, Jillian TRSE Aurelio JN $0.00   Complete
Campion, Sarah Ronin T $0.00   Complete
Cantrell-Morgan, Mackenzie Mohican Shadow SJ $0.00   Complete
Cantrell-Morgan, Mackenzie Mohican Shadow SJ $0.00   Complete
Capone, Tricia Untouchable BNSA $0.00   Complete
Carl, Ariel poetic justice ELM $0.00   Complete
Carr, Kathleen QLE Positron T $0.00   Complete
Carter, Kylie Jinx JELM $0.00   Complete
Catledge, Tiffany Pagan Ora N $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Catlett, Mary-Cooke Cobblestone Roxanne BNSA $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Child, Krista Drake N $25.00   Complete
Clawson, Jess Go Big BNSA $0.00   Complete
Clissold, Gillian Gallium ELM $0.00   Complete
Cloran, Devenie Freark ELM $0.00   Complete
Cohen-King, Barbara Lonesome Irish Dawn BN $0.00   Complete
Conn, Julia Poet T $0.00   Complete
Connelly, Denise Cat In The Hat N $0.00   Complete
Cooley, Georgia Gossip Girl JBN $0.00   Complete
Cooney, Amira Calvin JN $0.00   Complete
Cooper, Tremaine Broken Diplomacy BN $0.00   Complete
Cooper, Sadie Jackson JBN $0.00   Complete
Coppage, Gary Picture Perfect ELM $25.00   Complete
Cordell, Stephanie Codename Toby JN $0.00   Complete
Cornue, Suzannah Fashionable Man BN $0.00   Complete
Cowen, Madison Rhythm JN $0.00   Complete
Crosby, Caitlin Sooo Happy JELM $0.00   Complete
Crownover, Alyse Ireland JBN $0.00   Complete
Cunningham, Jennifer Troycen ELM $0.00   Complete
Cunningham, Kaylyn Flirtatious T $0.00   Complete
Davenport, Lindy Dazzlin Dr Cologne N $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Davis, Maddie King Congo JN $0.00   Complete
Dawson, Jordan Summer Blue JINTRO $0.00   Complete
DeFazio, Alyssa Chase What Matters ELM $0.00   Complete
DeYoung, Ashley Cuvee Rouge JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Detweiler, Alexis Pink Lady JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Dillard, Jackson Layla Q BN $0.00   Complete
Ditto Hill, Joy Virginia Is for Lovers BNSA $0.00   Complete
Dorros, Sophie Go Go Boots JBNSA $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Drengwitz, Rebecca Dawson's Creek ELM $115.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Drewry, Kara Horse BN $145.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Drewry, Kara Horse N $145.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Dudley, Kaitlyn Stonewall A Roamin ELM $0.00   Complete
Eads, Jessica Upgrade N $0.00   Complete
Eagley, Norah Destiny's Wish JBN $0.00   Complete
Eldridge, Chelsea Celestial Bliss ELM $0.00   Complete
Eldridge, Chelsea Nelson BN $0.00   Complete
Eldridge, Chelsea Perfect Fit N $0.00
  • Coggins
Ellis, Macy tango JINTRO $0.00   Complete
Emes, Kevin Mochaccino T $0.00   Complete
Engelke, Tristan Easter Meadow aka Cadbury JN $0.00   Complete
Faison, Amy Waddaday T $0.00   Complete
Farah, Jamie Aisling T $0.00   Complete
Favre, Leslie Horse T $145.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Feaga, Christina Mick T-CT $0.00   Complete
Felker, Sandy Benjamin Button N $0.00   Complete
Foster, Louise Grasshopper DO $0.00   Complete
Fox, Melissa Diamond Legacy N $0.00   Complete
Francart, Angie Ark of Ages BN $145.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Francart, Angie Lion T $145.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Franks, Julie Forever Windsor Z BN $0.00   Complete
Frew, Gretel Nadira JELM $0.00   Complete
Garrett, Landry Serrano Del Sol T $0.00   Complete
Gaynor, Amy Studly Dudley N $0.00   Complete
Gaynor, Amy Studly Dudley SJ $0.00   Complete
Gehris, Susan Watch Me BNSA $0.00   Complete
Gehris, Susan Steddy Eddy BN $0.00   Complete
George, Troy NUI BNSA $0.00   Complete
Gilley, Samantha Quite Frankly JELM $0.00   Complete
Golus, Emma Pajama Party JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Goodman, Kaitlyn Song of the South ELM $0.00   Complete
Googins, Kara Legato BNSA $25.00   Complete
Gore, Jean Faith BNSA $0.00   Complete
Grafchikova, Anna Una Amiga Amar BNSA $0.00   Complete
Grant, Rebecca Frankly True BN $0.00   Complete
Grant-Olsson, Monique Moments of Brilliance JELM $25.00   Complete
Greenleaf, Holly Jenn's Bellaboo JN $0.00   Complete
Guimond, Dominique Shoptillclosing BN $25.00   Complete
Guimond, Beau Wolfwood IX N $0.00   Complete
HORNE, PAULA Corgidale Fenix BN $0.00   Complete
Hafer, Lindsay Reflecktions BN $0.00   Complete
Hahn, Mackenzie Mingunade BN $0.00   Complete
Hale, Alina Tomohawk JBN $0.00   Complete
Hall, Julia Raining Glory ELM $0.00   Complete
Hansen, Kathryn Social Code M $25.00   Complete
Hardman, Alison Bit of a Pickle INTR-CT $0.00   Complete
Harig, Jeff Zachary N $0.00   Complete
Harter, Robyn Mister Earl BNSA $0.00   Complete
Hayden, Mackenzie Zues JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Hinke, Emma Charlie Murray N $25.00   Complete
Hinshaw, Hope Sheer Luck JBN $0.00   Complete
Horn, Alexis Here Comes The Judge N $0.00   Complete
Horn, Sophie Kynynmont Eminently Irish T $0.00   Complete
Hucko, Krista Stallone BN $0.00   Complete
Iacono, Stacy Madaket Road ELM $0.00   Complete
Ingram, Meredith Smoke ELM $0.00   Complete
Jenkins, Ava Sirabi JELM $0.00   Complete
Jensen, Maialisa Felix Felicis ELM $25.00
  • Deposits
Jones, Emma Union Jack BN $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Jones, Ella Rae Waverly Fields Kaylou JN $0.00   Complete
Julio, Kaitlyn Something To Talk About ELM $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Kearney, Alexandra Down Under Inc ELM $0.00   Complete
Kearney, Meredith Allouette T $0.00   Complete
Kelleher, Maureen Pernicious ELM $0.00   Complete
Kelley, Lindsay Cooley Romance N $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Kidwell, Erin Bit of a Pickle JELM $25.00   Complete
Klemanski, Hayden Hidden Reflections JELM $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Knight, Jessica Luck of the Draw BNSA $0.00   Complete
Korey, Julia Street Cruise T $0.00   Complete
Kosiorek-Smith, Laura Franziska T $0.00   Complete
Kozauer, Maya R'Aisson JELM $0.00   Complete
Kozauer, Sophia Molly JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Kozauer, Maya Ribbons JINTRO $0.00   Complete
Lafleur-Lovegrove, Judith Ciao Bella BN $0.00   Complete
Lane, Lisa Tuxedo N $0.00   Complete
Laurie, Katy Karvaly M $25.00   Complete
LeClair, Lance Missy Clare N $0.00   Complete
Lee, Rebecca Invictus M $0.00   Complete
Lee, Rebecca Bradley Cooper M $0.00   Complete
Leeger, Rose Bentley JELM $0.00
  • Coggins
Leigh, Addison Birch JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Lenk, Izzy Ghost JELM $0.00   Complete
Lewis, Samantha Frankly True JELM $0.00   Complete
Lindsay, Carla December's Chestnut Rain JINTRO $0.00   Complete
Lipping, Calli Wild Affair M $0.00   Complete
Lorenzen, Katherine Mojave Moon BNSA $0.00
  • Coggins
Lovegrove, John Euro Supreme BN $0.00
  • Signatures
Lucas, Ella Truthful Saint JN $0.00
  • Signatures
Lytle, Sandy Chase DO $0.00   Complete
Machtinger, Erika Bright Opposition T $0.00   Complete
Marbain, Preston Tori JELM $0.00   Complete
Marble, Julie Ghost Story ELM $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Martin, Olivia Lil Pete INTR-CT $0.00   Complete
McCallum, Joanne Brimstone ELM $0.00   Complete
McCloskey, Kate Che Bella ELM $0.00   Complete
McCool, Diane The Doc is In N $0.00   Complete
McCoy, Heather Kozmical JBN $0.00   Complete
McGuinness, Kiley Swan by the Road JBNSA $0.00   Complete
McKelvy, Margaret Runsonstilts M $0.00   Complete
McKinney, Brynne Blame It on Blaze JELM $0.00   Complete
McKinney, Elle Superstitious FLF JBNSA $0.00   Complete
McLean, Cara Rain On My Heart N $0.00   Complete
Megill, Meghan Busted On Broadway JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Miller, Lara Naughty by Nature BN $0.00   Complete
Miller, Cierra Don kela BNSA $0.00   Complete
Miller, Alyssa Cohasset JELM $0.00   Complete
Miller, Cierra Korbin JN $0.00   Complete
Mohn, Madeline Hail to the Thief JELM $0.00   Complete
Mohn, Emma Private Benjamin JELM $0.00   Complete
Mollett, Darrin Beverly's Clueso M $0.00   Complete
Mollett, Darrin Beverly's Get Even M $0.00   Complete
Mollett, Darrin Beverly's Bebop M $25.00   Complete
Molnar, Lex Narrow Escape ELM $0.00   Complete
Morales, Sophia Kahlua JN $0.00   Complete
Moran-Luce, Stephanie Montana JINTRO $25.00
  • Deposits
Morgan, Andrea Jigsaw Jack SJ $0.00   Complete
Morgan, Andrea Jigsaw Jack SJ $0.00   Complete
Morris, Sabrina Slim N Trim T $0.00
  • Signatures
Morris, Sabrina Just Once Ide BN $0.00
  • Signatures
Murphy, Tammy Killian ELM $0.00   Complete
Murray, Eran Ten Martinis BNSA $0.00   Complete
Myers, Margaret Arikara M $0.00   Complete
Nalls, Raegan Sheer Trouble JELM $0.00   Complete
Nelson, Libby Gabriel's Gift JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Nordby, Graeson Lucky Lark JELM $0.00   Complete
North, Rachael Be Quick Don't Hurry N $0.00   Complete
O'Brien, Gracie Cooley Sky High JN $0.00   Complete
O'Donoghue, Meghan Berbs Monarchy N $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
O'Donoghue, Meghan Crownmeroyal N $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
O'Donoghue, Meghan Dreaming of Gold N $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
O'Donoghue, Kelty Mr. Puff Higgins Jr. M $0.00   Complete
Odenkirk, Sharon Silk Slipper N $0.00   Complete
Ogburn, Elissa Land Run T $0.00   Complete
Olson, Deborah Cooley Krafty M $25.00   Complete
Ong, Hannah Pirate Captain INTRO $0.00   Complete
Orms, Moriah Dun Looking BN $0.00
  • Signatures
Papageorgiou , Celine Prince JELM $0.00   Complete
Parker, Carolyn Bear JELM $25.00
  • Signatures
Parramore, Laury Tycho BNSA $0.00   Complete
Parris, Kristen Lord Ivanhoe N $0.00   Complete
Parsons, Amy Wren Wrouge ELM $0.00   Complete
Partigan, Kathryn Ardeo Mermus Hill N $0.00   Complete
Pastuck, Alayna Azul N $30.00   Complete
Patel, Caroline Fatima JBNSA $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Paul, Saskia Colby JN $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Pazzanese, Megan Book of Eli T $0.00   Complete
Pierson, Whitney Winter is Coming N $0.00   Complete
Player, Glenda Dreams Come True N $0.00   Complete
Pope, Susan RAISON D'ETRE BN $0.00   Complete
Porter, Christina Versara ELM $25.00
  • Deposits
Potter, Hannah Rolex N $0.00   Complete
Prenovitz, Ally Life of the Party JELM $0.00   Complete
Purser, Zoe PL Lucky Indy JELM $0.00   Complete
Quilodran, Manon Quick Now N $0.00   Complete
Quilodran, Manon Orison T $0.00   Complete
Rabena, Angelina Bumbleberry JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Raiser, Ava Waylon N-CT $0.00
  • Signatures
Rayne, Alfred Nottingham INTRO $0.00   Complete
Renzetti, Annie Luna N $0.00   Complete
Reskusic, Arijana Arnold the Terminator JBNSA $25.00   Complete
Reynolds, Barbara Mesa INTRO $0.00   Complete
Rhodes-Bosch, Stephanie Golden Joe ELM $0.00   Complete
Riazi, Leila As You Wish N $0.00   Complete
Rice, Allyson Mr. Indiscretion T $0.00   Complete
Riedmuller, Gina CMA Halo T $0.00   Complete
Rivera, David Tejana N $0.00   Complete
Rockafellow, Ela Finally Right T $0.00   Complete
Ross, Kimberly When Pigs Fly BNSA $0.00   Complete
Roy, Jennifer Tupelo Honey ELM $0.00   Complete
Rubincam, Demi Baxter JBN $0.00   Complete
Ruddle, Kristin Vincent Van Whoa ELM $25.00
  • Deposits
Saccardi, June Daring Duchess N $0.00   Complete
Sargent, Michele Channel of Dreams BNSA $0.00   Complete
Sarnoff, Claudia Fernhill Phish M $0.00   Complete
Savory, Kathy Annie N $0.00   Complete
Shegogue, Tara Ridin' Shotgun BNSA $0.00   Complete
Shepherd, Jennifer Akome N $0.00   Complete
Shepherd, April Rocky BN $0.00   Complete
Shilling, Emily Pirate M $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Siegel, Kelsey Wicked Trickster BN $0.00   Complete
Southard, Susan Lazaretto N $0.00
  • Signatures
Sperling, Lindsay Walla Walla Bing Bang JN $0.00   Complete
Stankaitis, Rachel Alecaura T $0.00   Complete
Stephenson, Sherry TUCA INTRO $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Stephenson, Elle Ballius Drumcolligan ELM $0.00   Complete
Stettler-Eno, Lily Tiger Lily JINTRO $0.00   Complete
Stolburg, Ava Vegas JELM $0.00   Complete
Stout, Ashley Avant Garde JN $0.00   Complete
Subramanya, Ilana Rorschach JN $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Sumansky, Taylor Livin Large ELM $25.00
  • Deposits
Syvarth, Anneka Riptide JINTRO $50.00
  • Deposits
Teetor, Alison Cracker Jack BNSA $0.00   Complete
Tippins, Kendall Zoey JINTRO $0.00   Complete
Trigona, Tracey Nina ELM $25.00
  • Coggins
Tucker, Sonja Gustav ELM $0.00   Complete
Tussey, Carla Wise Thinking BNSA $25.00
  • Deposits
Upton, Jennie Fleet Final N $0.00   Complete
VILMER, Aurélie CHAKRA DE LA NEE T $0.00   Complete
VILMER, THOMAS Body Shots BN $0.00   Complete
Van Campen, Stephen Revelation BN $0.00   Complete
Varga, Lauren Astaire to the Future BN $0.00   Complete
Vecchio , Maria Hopper INTRO $75.00
  • Deposits
Venetsanos, Marcelle Micro Rocky BNSA $0.00   Complete
VonNieda, Brooks RacerX N $0.00   Complete
Warman, Tyler Saint Barnabas ELM $0.00   Complete
Warro, Michelle Ayrton Senna M $0.00   Complete
Warro, Michelle Octavian INTRO $0.00   Complete
Warro, Michelle Mad Bomber BNSA $0.00   Complete
Watson, Chase Runway Giselle BN $0.00   Complete
Whisler, Erin Rockstar JBNSA $0.00   Complete
Wolfkill, Kara Wild Blue Savannah JBN $0.00   Complete
Wolman, Margot Ron Juan T $0.00   Complete
Wood, Cindy Plan B N $0.00   Complete
Woods, Lindsay Hot Rod Power N $0.00   Complete
Yeomans, Joanna Gin Sandy ELM $40.00   Complete
Yetter, Briana Martini Please BNSA $25.00
  • Deposits
Young, shari Leap of Faith DO $0.00   Complete
Young, shari Leap of Faith SJ $0.00   Complete
Yowaiski, Michaela Teslin Bay N $0.00   Complete
Yowaiski, Michaela Bijoux Bay BN $0.00   Complete
Zabroske, Lydia Stella Artois T $0.00   Complete
Zolet, Caitlin Kynynmont's Cassidy N $0.00   Complete
gay, kathryn Unconditional rescue T $0.00   Complete
gray, karleigh Bourbon Street N $0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
hamilton ingwell, lauren CV's Monster Man BNSA $0.00   Complete
lawson, anna My Amelia T $0.00   Complete
western, delaney Lakota JELM $0.00
  • Signatures
white, savannah Commander in Chief BN $0.00
  • Signatures


Sun May 27, 2018: HCS,USA Saddlery/MDHT Spring Starter #3 (Modified, Training, Novice, BN)
Fri June 1, 2018: Michael Barisone Dressage Clinic
Sat June 2, 2018: USDF Dressage Festival I
Sun June 3, 2018: USDF Dressage Festival II
Wed June 6, 2018: Twilight Eventing & Fix-A-Test
Sat June 23, 2018: Jackpot Jumpers/Dressage
Thu July 5, 2018: USEA FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifier & Jump Chute Clinic with Samantha Allan
Sat July 7, 2018: USEA MDHT #1
Sun July 8, 2018: USEA MDHT #1
Fri July 13, 2018: USEA MDHT #2 including CIC 1*2*
Sat July 14, 2018: USEA MDHT #2 including CIC 1*2*
Sun July 15, 2018: USEA MDHT #2 including CIC 1*2*
Mon July 16, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Tue July 17, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Wed July 18, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Thu July 19, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Fri July 20, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Sat July 21, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Sun July 22, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Wed July 25, 2018: Twilight Eventing & Fix-A-Test
Fri August 3, 2018: Dressage Clinic
Sat August 4, 2018: Dressage Festivals III
Sun August 5, 2018: Dressage Festivals IV
Wed August 8, 2018: Twilight Eventing
Wed August 22, 2018: Twilight Eventing
Sat September 1, 2018: Fall Starter #1 (BN, Elem, Intro)
Sat September 1, 2018: USEA FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifier
Sun September 2, 2018: Fall Starter #1 (Modified, Training, Novice, BN)
Fri September 21, 2018: USEA FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifier & Jump Chute Clinic & Jump Chute Clinic
Sat September 22, 2018: USEA FEH Championships
Sun September 23, 2018: USEA FEH Championships
Sat September 29, 2018: Jackpot Jumpers/Pick Your Time/Test Dressage
Fri October 12, 2018: USEA MDHT #3 including BN 3 Day Event
Fri October 12, 2018: NEH Series Finale
Sat October 13, 2018: USEA MDHT #3 including BN 3 Day Event
Sun October 14, 2018: USEA MDHT #3 including BN 3 Day Event
Mon October 15, 2018: Week with the Pros (on competition course)
Tue October 16, 2018: Week with the Pros (on competition course)
Wed October 17, 2018: Week with the Pros (on competition course)
Thu October 18, 2018: Week with the Pros (on competition course)
Fri October 19, 2018: Week with the Pros (on competition course)
Sat October 20, 2018: Fall Starter #2 (BN, Elem, Intro)
Sun October 21, 2018: Fall Starter #2 (Modified, Training, Novice, BN)
Mon October 22, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Tue October 23, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Wed October 24, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Thu October 25, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Fri October 26, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Sat October 27, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Sun October 28, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Mon October 29, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Sat November 3, 2018: Fall Starter #3 (BN, Elem, Intro)
Sun November 4, 2018: Fall Starter #3 (Modified, Training, Novice, BN)
Sat December 1, 2018: Donation Derby