The SATURDAY (March 10) ELEM, BN and NOVICE divisions are CLOSED. We still have room for Training and Prelim/Modified on Saturday, and ELEM, BN and NOVICE on Sunday. Closing date is extended to March 02.

March 10 Elem - Prelim/Modified and March 11 Elem, BN, Novice 

The course will be show jumps and cross country jumps mixed in with level appropriate ditches/water/banks and options.  There are 3 rings covering over 8 acres of all weather footing. Courses will be timed and there will be ribbons and prizes.

All jumping will be on all weather footing.

$75 - Elementary, BN, Novice, Training, Prelim/Modified

Entry forms are available, and now maps!! See below for all the details!

N,T and Prelim ditches go in sometime in early January
Saturday, March 10, close February 26
Sunday, March 11, close February 26

Description of MDHT Cross Derby courses: All rings will have show jumps and cross country obstacles you would find on a typical competition course. The objective is to establish a rhythm over solid jumps in reliable consistent footing. Optimum times will be posted on the day of the derby.


Jumping Efforts


Map Links

Elementary           2’ – 2’3”


300 mpm*


Beg. Novice          2’ 7” max


325 mpm*


Novice                 2’ 11” max


350 mpm*


Training               3’ 3” max


375 mpm*


Prelim/Modified    3’5 to 3’7” max 23+** 400 mpm* MAP

*The derby speeds are slightly higher than regular SJ to incorporate a better flow over the cross country jumps. **Subject to change.

image001Closing Dates: Entries must be received by February 26, 2018

  • Schooling Day: March 10, 2018, before and after competition; March 11, 2018, before and after competition. $70 without derby entry.
  • $25.00 late fee will be charged after closing dates, January 15, February 9 and February 26.  A competitor may pay the late fee and sign-up for extra Derby rounds on the day of the show if space is available.
  • Competition Cancellation – No refund.
  • No unauthorized motor vehicles of any kind allowed on course.
  • PAPER PINNY NUMBERS will be used. Please bring a pinny holder or other method to secure your numbers.
  • $50 returned check fee
  • NO unleashed dogs. Unleashed dogs will incur $100 fine and competitor elimination
  • Ride times will be posted on the THURSDAY before the show at:
  • Vet and Farrier will be on call
  • Current Negative Coggins required with entry form.

Rules:The MDHT Cross Derby will follow the USEA/USEF Jumping phase rules. USEF rules for Cross Country dress and tack will be followed. All Riders must wear ASTM/SEI approved helmet, protective vests, and medical armband. Willful delay will be enforced. Competitors may enter more than one level but would be expected not to enter their horses less than one level below which they are currently competing. Coaching at this derby is not permitted on course but highly encouraged on our Saturday schooling day.

image002There will be an audible signal to start. Schooling of course permitted before each division. Circles on course will be scored as refusals, EXCEPT at the Elementary level, you may circle in the open to slow, but not once you have approached a fence. Fall of horse during jumping phase is immediate elimination and you must leave the course. Fall of rider while jumping (during approach or landing of a fence) is elimination and you must leave the course.

  • Knock Down -- 4 points
  • 1st Refusal -- 4 points
  • 2nd Refusal at same fence -- 8 points
  • 3rd refusal same fence – Elimination
  • Fall of Competitor -- Elimination
  • Fall of Horse -- Elimination
  • 4 Refusals in Whole Course – Elimination
  • Time Penalty – 1 Per Second Under Optimum Time; 2 Per Second Over Optimum Time
  • Exceeding time limit -- Elimination
  • Leaving course (arena) -- Elimination
  • Riders must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet and body protector as well as a medical armband.

Combinations numbered "AB" will be as per Stadium Rules, i.e., if "B" is refused, "A" must be re-jumped on second presentation.

Scoring: Penalties in jumping are added to determine placing for each division.Closest to optimum time and Lowest Score wins.  Ties will be broken by the closest to optimum time without going over.

All horses must have a current negative coggins submitted with entry.

March Entry Form



Wed April 25, 2018: Twilight Eventing
Wed May 9, 2018: Twilight Eventing & Fix-A-Test
Wed May 23, 2018: Jackpot Jumpers/Jumper Derby (with Prize $$) Pick Your Test/Time Dressage (sign up & pay online). Ribbons & High Performance Pins
Sat May 26, 2018: HCS,USA Saddlery/MDHT Spring Starter #3 (BN, Elem, Intro)
Sat May 26, 2018: USEA FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifier
Sun May 27, 2018: HCS,USA Saddlery/MDHT Spring Starter #3 (Modified, Training, Novice, BN)
Fri June 1, 2018: Dressage Clinic
Sat June 2, 2018: USDF Dressage Festivals I & II
Wed June 6, 2018: Twilight Eventing & Fix-A-Test
Thu July 5, 2018: USEA FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifier & Jump Chute Clinic with Samantha Allan
Sat July 7, 2018: USEA MDHT #1
Fri July 13, 2018: USEA MDHT #2 including CIC 1*2*
Wed July 25, 2018: Twilight Eventing & Fix-A-Test
Fri August 3, 2018: Dressage Clinic
Sat August 4, 2018: Dressage Festivals III
Sun August 5, 2018: Dressage Festivals IV
Wed August 8, 2018: Twilight Eventing
Wed August 22, 2018: Twilight Eventing
Sat September 1, 2018: Fall Starter #1 (BN, Elem, Intro)
Sat September 1, 2018: USEA FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifier
Sun September 2, 2018: Fall Starter #1 (Modified, Training, Novice, BN)
Fri September 21, 2018: USEA FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifier & Jump Chute Clinic & Jump Chute Clinic
Sat September 22, 2018: USEA FEH Championships
Sat September 29, 2018: Jackpot Jumpers/Dressage
Fri October 12, 2018: USEA MDHT #3 including BN 3 Day Event
Fri October 12, 2018: NEH Series Finale
Mon October 15, 2018: Week with the Pros (on competition course)
Sat October 20, 2018: Fall Starter #2 (BN, Elem, Intro)
Sun October 21, 2018: Fall Starter #2 (Modified, Training, Novice, BN)
Mon October 22, 2018: Open Schooling on Competition Course
Sat November 3, 2018: Fall Starter #3 (BN, Elem, Intro)
Sun November 4, 2018: Fall Starter #3 (Modified, Training, Novice, BN)
Sat December 1, 2018: Donation Derby